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President Obama looks to expand regulatory footprint

President Obama is working hard to expand and solidify his “regulatory footprint” in his last days in office, according to a new report from Fox News

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Christmas isn't the only exciting season right around the corner

It’s the beginning of December, which means millions of Americans are gearing up for the holidays. But Christmas isn’t the only exciting event happening in the next few weeks, and hundreds of thousands of Americans are getting ready.

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Let the debate begin! Watch Mark Meckler take on anti-Article V "scholars"

The National Constitution Center and Intelligence Squared Debates are teaming up to host what promises to be one of the most exciting Article V debates ever.

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NY team gets creative: Hundreds attend barn event

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: our volunteers are the best in the nation.

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A non-partisan solution to the bi-partisan D.C. problem

The following article originally appeared on the Daily Caller.

In a pre-election interview with 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Croft, Focus group guru Frank Luntz confessed his dismay at the prevailing attitude toward American politics. “It’s never been like this,” he said. “[Th]e Republicans are mad at Trump, and the Democrats are mad at Clinton. And the Bernie Sanders people are mad at everybody. When has that ever happened?”

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How we have learned more and more about the Constitution’s “Convention for Proposing Amendments”

Last year conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly contributed a short piece to, in which she attacked the movement for an Article V convention. As I wrote in my response, she was relying on claims about the convention that had been superseded by modern research.

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Jeb Bush voices support for "BBA, term limits, restraints on Commerce Clause"

The Convention of States movement received yet another high-profile supporter last week as Jeb Bush voiced his support for an Article V convention to propose “term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and restraints on the Commerce Clause.”

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Colorado volunteer: "This is why I'm supporting the Convention of States Project"

There are lots of reasons to join the Article V movement. Here are just a few from one of our volunteers in Colorado.

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USDA forcing gas stations to sell tofu

Senator James Lankford (R-OK) recently released the newest edition of Federal Fumbles, his annual report of the ways the federal government has dropped the ball this year. At the top of his list is a new program by the USDA which forces nearly 200,000 convenience stores across the country to sell more healthy snack options.

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Obama admin covering up key Iran deal details in final days

The following excerpt was written by Adam Kredo for the Washington Free Beacon.

Senior Obama administration officials in their final days in office are seeking to cover up key details of the Iran nuclear deal from Congress, according to documents and sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon about continued efforts by the White House to block formal investigations into secret diplomacy with Tehran that resulted in a $1.7 billion cash payment by the United States.

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George Washington's first American Thanksgiving Proclamation

Times have changed since George Washington's first American Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1789. But on this Thanksgiving 227 years later, our first President's call to give thanks still rings true.

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Already passed a BBA application? Here's why your state should pass a Convention of States application as well

Article V provides two methods to propose constitutional amendments—one controlled by Congress and one controlled by the state legislatures. In the last two years, there has been a significant renewal of interest in employing the state-based method for proposing amendments to the Constitution. This newfound interest in Article V arises largely from the belief that the Congress will never propose amendments that impose meaningful restrictions on federal power.

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Coburn: A Convention of States is the only answer to earmarks

Congress might end the ban on wasteful government earmarks, opening the door for even more national debt.

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Mark Levin DISMANTLES Esquire's attack on Convention of States

Phew. Mark Levin was not happy about Esquire's recent attack on the Article V Convention of States movement.

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Indiana legislator wowed by Convention of States, changes vote to YES

Our volunteers are truly amazing. 

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Glenn Beck: Scalia supported a Convention of States

The following was originally posted on Click here to listen to the full segment.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made clear his thoughts on Article V of the U.S. Constitution:

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Obama races to pass final slate of regulations

Despite passing more regulations than any other president in history, the Obama administration is rushing to enact as many new regulations as possible before his term runs out. 

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Restoring balance: How an Article V Convention restores liberty under the law

The following article was written by Brian T. Carter and published on The New American.

Sally Morris’ recent vitriolic attack on the Convention of States initiative raised some legitimate concerns that deserve thoughtful responses. Amending the Constitution is a very serious business. Supporters of the Convention of States project – from activists to legal scholars, from state legislators to governors and senators – appreciate the significance and risk. They understand both the risk of amending the Constitution and the risk of failing to restore constitutional authority.

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Sen. Tom Coburn EVISCERATES Congress for earmark spending

Hold on to your hats. Congress is about to bring back earmark spending, and former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn is not happy about it. Not one little bit.

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Think federal policy matters? Here's why conservatives have a once-in-a-lifetime legislative opportunity at the state level

The following article was originally published on Conservative Review.

If Donald Trump truly wants to make America great again, the most profound and enduring way to accomplish that is by making state governments great again. This is the case not only because localism is the right approach to governance and a way to heal the partisan divide, but it could also help create a permanent majority for conservatives throughout much of the country and erect a long-term firewall in the states for when Democrats win back control of the federal government.

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