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Day 2: Simulated Convention of States commissioners wrangle over proposed amendments to the Constitution

Today began as all conferences do – with hot coffee, warm conversation, and an assortment of breakfast pastries. But what happened next here in Williamsburg, Virginia, made the Simulated Convention of States a “conference” like none other.

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Day 2: Simulated Convention of States – Quick take by Duane Quam from Minnesota

I’m here in Colonial Williamsburg with representatives from all fifty states who are experiencing the historic Simulated Convention of States.

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Welcome to Williamsburg from Patrick Henry and James Madison

We've had a great time so far at the first-ever Simulated Convention of States here in Colonial Williamsburg. Patrick Henry and James Madison want to welcome you to this historic place where freedom and liberty had their beginning in American history.

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Day 1: What's going on in Colonial Williamsburg at the Simulated Convention of States

It’s fun when a plan comes together.

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Will we follow the Founders?

Despite this year’s election chaos, I feel optimistic about the future of our nation. Why? Because a massive group of dedicated Americans—citizens and state legislators alike—are taking the bold action the Founders intended us to take at a time such as this.

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In the News: Farris explains why he helped start the Convention of States Project

Michael Farris is the co-founder of the Convention of States Project and Senior Fellow for Constitutional Studies at Citizens for Self-Governance. In the article below -- originally published in the Bonner County Daily Bee -- he explains why he began to fight for the Article V movement and where he imagines the Project is heading. (Photo by Mary Malone)

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Federal regs cost billions in this state alone

As the first-ever Simulated Convention of States gets under way, it isn’t hard to find reasons why a Convention of States is so critical to the survival of our nation.

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Mark Meckler: We can change the status quo with a Convention of States

We can do something about the mess in D.C. Mark Meckler explains how.

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A doctor asks: Was Obamacare designed to fail?

The following excerpt was written by Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke and published on The Hill.

As ObamaCare’s troubles mount, I’ve heard my patients and my peers in healthcare ask: How could the law’s authors not have seen this coming?

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Marine tells Mark Levin: "I'm ready to fight!"

The American people are fed up. They're fed up with federal overreach. They're fed up with federal waste, and they're fed up with the national debt.

This Marine voiced his frustration on The Mark Levin Show last week, and Mark suggested a way he could fight back.

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On its anniversary, Constitution faces trouble

Rocky Balboa, Rudy, the Amazin’ Mets, the Miracle on Ice.

Americans love the underdog, because we were once underdogs ourselves. A hodgepodge group of British colonies perched on the coast of a wild, unexplored land had the guts to challenge the world’s superpower — and we won. It’s a story no one would believe if it weren’t written down in our history books.

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Americans are divided on Trump and Hillary, but they aren't divided on THIS

The news cycle is full of poll results today, many of them indicating that the presidential race has transformed from a one-sided victory for the Democrats into a real dogfight.

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Feds take over another large swath of ocean, risking livelihood of local fishermen

The Obama administration will create a new national monument covering 4,913 square miles not far off the New England coast.

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The worst kind of waste

It’s one thing when the government wastes money on a piece of equipment or a website that doesn’t work. It’s a different matter altogether when that waste and mismanagement props up corrupt dictators and funds America’s enemies.

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Ben Shapiro: "A Convention of States can and should happen"

Add another supporter to the Article V movement! Nationally syndicated talk show host Ben Shapiro was asked by a viewer whether or not a Convention of States "can and should happen." Check out his answer in the video below.

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Congress may have the "power of the purse," but the President holds the strings

The House of Representatives may technically have the “power of the purse,” but the President holds the strings.

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Online Obamacare marketplace approves fake applicants for $60,000 in subsidies

The Obamacare marketplaces approved health care coverage for fake applicants and approved these accounts for $60,000 in subsidies during a new undercover test, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office.

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The best way to watch the most historic event of the year

Forget the Super Bowl. That happens every year. The presidential election? Those come around every four. There are more important things you can do with your time, and we have a suggestion. 

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Texas Lt. Gov. makes a huge announcement on the Mark Levin Show

Support for the Convention of States Project is coming from all quarters. Watch the video below to find out what Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has to say about Article V and the Convention of States Project!

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Feds spent millions fighting Freedom of Information Act requests

Federal agencies spend millions of tax dollars opposing Americans’ successful lawsuits seeking public records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), but can’t say exactly how much, according to a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report.

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