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Alabama joins Florida, Georgia, and Alaska and passes the Convention of States resolution

The Alabama state motto is “We dare defend our rights,” and that sentiment was on display May 21st in the Alabama State Capitol.

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In the News: "Let the skeptics weep while the courageous rejoice"

The following was written by Jessica Russell, a Convention of States supporters in South Carolina. Readers may remember a previous article by Ms. Russell, which we re-published from Wikinut a few days ago.

Calling a Convention of States is the solution to a tyrannical government provided by God to those highly intelligent men we refer to as our Founding Fathers. However, an inordinate amount of unfounded fear surrounds this process. The simple fact is, the Convention of States Project is the hope of our country, but unless people can be made to see through whatever is blinding their eyes, our nation will not be saved.

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Sen. Sessions to Congress: "American people don't trust you" on Obamatrade

In yet another power grab by the executive branch of the federal government...

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said to Congress, “The American people don’t trust you” on Obamatrade deal.

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Texas resolution held up by Senator Estes

Calling all Convention of States Project supporters! Texas has an urgent call to action.

After 18 months of effort, the Texas Convention of States team earned a victory in the Texas House and secured a Senate committee hearing, which was slated for tomorrow. Then we found out this morning that Senator Craig Estes (SD-30) has “tagged” HJR 77, which means NO HEARING TOMORROW.

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Call To Action Kansas & American Patriots!

Today Kansas’ Convention of States application is being killed by one person.  Speaker Ray Merrick, as a self proclaimed Constitutionalist and former Chairman of ALEC, refuses to run HCR 5010 to a vote on the House floor without giving reason.  We feel he is trying to run out the clock before the legislators adjourn for the session which will postpone and possibly take out Kansas from participating in the Convention of States. 

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Republican vs. Democrat? Mitch McConnell uses Reid-like tactics

We've said it before: electing the "right" officials will not stop federal abuse of power. As Breitbart reports, that principle was clearly demonstrated yesterday in the Senate:

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Feds have no idea if $4 billion farmers program does anything

The federal government has no idea whether a $4 billion U.S. Department of Agriculture initiative for beginning farmers has worked at all, according to the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

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Alabama Senate Rules Committee to hear Convention of States resolution TODAY

Tomorrow (Thursday, May 21, 2015) our Application, HJR112, is scheduled in the Senate Rules Committee. What happens next is up to you.

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[Video]: Michael Farris testifies before South Carolina committee

Watch this fantastic testimony by Michael Farris before the South Carolina House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Constitutional Law.

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Haas: America's government officials aren't royalty

Note: The following was written by Jerry Haas and published on While Mr. Haas doesn't mention a Convention of States specifically, we think the problem he describes could effectively be solved by an Article V Amendments Convention.

Just like in the Eagles’ song, I was riding down the road the other day with a world of trouble on my mind. The road is, of course, a good place to get a lot of thinking done.

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Promoters of propaganda reject Founders' solution to tyranny in the U.S.

The following article was written by Jessica Russell, a supporter from South Carolina.

Sadly, many South Carolina residents have bought into lies, fear and conspiracy theories regarding a great tool provided to us by our Founding Fathers, called the Convention of States. Particularly repugnant is the gossip mongering that frequently takes place, which is usually directed at those who are exhorting citizens to at long last take back power from the federal government, rather than get together on a regular basis to gripe, complain and ultimately do nothing.

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Last chance in Kansas!

Kansas’s Convention of States application is hanging in the wind as the session is wrapping up.  We have identified individuals that are actively trying to stop HCR5010 from coming to a vote prior to the legislature convening.  These individuals have bought into the fear of somehow our Founding Fathers put a device in our Constitution that is never to be used.  They believe the fear mongers that somehow despite the words in the Constitution that gives an Article V Convention only one power (to propose amendments), that somehow this state run body will rewrite the entire constitution and we will be worse off than our Republic is today.

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Mark Meckler on Power Play with Chris Stirewalt: A check on big government

Mark Meckler recently appeared on the Fox News show Power Play with Chris Stirewalt. Click the link below to find out what Mark had to say about the best way to check big government.

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Poll: Voters believe White House incompetent, US still in recession and ISIS has moved next door

Poll after poll reveals the same fact: Americans aren't happy with the federal government. The poll conducted last week by Fox News shows that Americans still think their country is in trouble -- in more ways than one.

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Florida U.S. Congressman says he deserves a raise

Florida Congressman Alcee Hastings said yesterday that his $174,000 annual salary isn't enough -- he wants a raise. Roll Call reports:

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Reagan's words still ring true: "If not us, who?"

With clarity and conviction in 1975 at CPAC, Ronald Reagan told us, “Our people look for a cause to believe in. Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people.”

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Texas Call to Action: Senate State Affairs Committee

We now have 5 days to get a hearing scheduled in the Senate State Affairs Committee for HJR 77 (the referred House bill), the Convention of States Article V Resolution. We are optimistic, as the bill got read in the Senate late Friday afternoon and was then referred to the State Affairs Committee.

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IRS employees who dodged taxes rewarded with bonuses

Employees at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who deliberately did not pay their own taxes were rewarded with bonuses, according to a new inspector general report.

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Inspiring Arizona letter to the editor

The following was written by Convention of States volunteer Marty Brown and published in Today's News-Herald.

After reading the remarks from Duane Meyers and Norma Lembach and others in recent letters to the editor, I am struck by their compassion for patriotism and devotion to ideology. Although opinions may differ, they all share common ground. We’re all concerned about our national condition: the corruption and dysfunction by the political class, expanding bureaucratic regulations, and special interest’s influence in D.C. In a recent survey of the American public it was determined up to 90 percent of Americans distrust federal government. I think for good reason.

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Breitbart: Texas House calls for Article 5 Convention to restrain federal government

by Lana Shadwick

A Texas House Joint Resolution passed Thursday would, if passed by the Texas State Senate, ask the U.S. Congress to call an Article 5 convention, which would propose Constitutional amendments to impose fiscal restraint on the federal government, reduce its powers and jurisdiction, and limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress.

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