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Sen. Tom Coburn: "We're failing for the same reason other republics failed"

Former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn and Convention of States Project co-founder Michael Farris testified in a packed hearing room yesterday before the Texas House Federalism Committee in Austin, Texas.

During his testimony, Sen. Coburn observed that the United States is in danger of failing for the same reason other republics have failed.

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New proposals by ATF, FCC to regulate ammo, internet

The regulatory leviathan in D.C. is at it again.

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Are you at CPAC? Stop by booth 139!

CPAC 2015 is off to a great start!

If you’re here at the conference, be sure to stop by booth 139 to learn more about how the Convention of States Project can stop federal overreach and restore the balance of power between D.C. and the states.

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A means to smite the federal Leviathan

Throughout my time in Washington, it was my goal to constrain the scope and size of our federal government to that which our Founders intended. There were successes along the way, of course, but the federal behemoth continues to grow almost unabated year after year, election cycle after election cycle. The reason for this is surprisingly simple: It is human nature to attempt to collect as much power and control as possible, and in few places is that more evident than in Washington, D.C.

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Update: Convention of States by the numbers

Big things are happening all around the country. Here are the numbers you need to know.

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In the News: Conventional wisdom? Movement to amend U.S. Constitution picks up steam in South Carolina

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Eva Moore and published on

Bill Taylor says his current project is the most important thing he’s ever worked on during his four years as a representative in the South Carolina House.

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Dear GOP: Big government’s problems extend to defense spending

The following is an excerpt of an article written by Scott Lincicome published on The

Over the next 20 months, a clown-car-full of Republican politicians will vie for their party’s presidential nomination. As the candidates crisscross the nation, each will undoubtedly call for smarter, leaner, and (hopefully) smaller government. However, there is one government program that, despite being a paragon of government incompetence and mind-bending fiscal incontinence, will most likely be ignored by these champions of budgetary temperance: the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. In so doing, these Republicans will abandon their principles and continue a long, bipartisan tradition of perpetuating the broader problems with U.S. defense spending that the troubled jet symbolizes.

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Nebraska Call to Action

Exciting things are happening in Nebraska, and I want to be the first to tell you.

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In the News: Former Sen. Tom Coburn wants Oklahoma lawmakers to participate in convention to alter U.S. Constitution

Former U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn came to the state Capitol on a mission Monday.

Coburn, who left the Senate two years early and is fighting prostate cancer, wants legislators to approve a resolution to have Oklahoma participate with other states in a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution. An overly powerful federal government must be reined in, he said.

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FCC leadership refuses to let public see new internet regulation proposal

Three days before the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote on the most significant Internet regulations in history, two commissioners are asking Chairman Tom Wheeler to delay the vote and release his proposal to the public.

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White House that promised transparency refuses to cooperate with IRS probe

The White House told Congress last week it refused to dig into its computers for emails that could shed light on what kinds of private taxpayer information the IRS shares with President Obama’s top aides, assuring Congress that the IRS will address the issue — eventually.

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CPAC 2015 to be better than ever; will we see you there?

The Conservative Political Action Conference is the largest gathering of top conservative leaders in the country. And this year, it’s going to be even better.

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Help West Virginia pass the Senate!

We've already passed the West Virginia Senate Interstate Cooperation Committee, but we need your help to keep our application moving through the Senate.

Here's what you can do:

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America: Land of the 'mostly free'

When measuring which nations are the most economically free, you expect America, "land of the free," to finish at or near the top. But in a new study, it didn't.

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Constitution-carrying legislator secures victory in North Dakota

The North Dakota House passed the Convention of States application earlier this week 63-29.

It’s the widest margin of victory a Convention of States resolution has ever had, and it’s largely thanks to the efforts of Representative Jim Kasper.

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In the News: Ron Paul says secession is 'good news'

At a Mises Institute meeting in late January, former Republican presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul said secession is happening and it's "good news."

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In the News: Time to amend the Constitution

The following is an excerpt from an article published in the Roanoke (VA) Times by James Willis.

After several days of defending their resolution calling for an Article V Convention of States, Virginia lawmakers withdrew their bills in both the House of Delegates and the state Senate, conceding that they simply didn’t have the votes (“House scraps states convention bid,” Feb. 6 news story).

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CPAC 2015 speakers support Convention of States

You’ve probably heard the good news – the Convention of States Project will be attending CPAC 2015 next week!

What you may not know is that three of the main speakersSarah Palin, Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Mark Levin – have all voiced their support for the Convention of States Project. These top conservative leaders understand that Washington can only be fixed from the outside – and Article V is the way to do it.

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West Virginia, Utah pass committee, South Carolina in holding pattern

It was an inspiring day yesterday at the Convention of States Project.

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Listen: Mike Farris on Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval

Why do we want to hold a Convention of States?

Michael Farris explained the answer yesterday on Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval.

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