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Overhead costs exploding under ObamaCare, study finds

Five years after the passage of ObamaCare, there is one expense that’s still causing sticker shock across the healthcare industry: overhead costs.

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Pew Study: Few Americans trust government with their data

The federal government has amassed massive amounts of power over the last 100 years, and by now it's clear they haven't used it well or wisely. HNGN reports:

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Texans: How'd the Senate do?

As we are in the final hours of respectfully asking the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee to hear HJR 77, we are asking you, the Texas grassroots -- how'd the Senate do? You can go here to read the press release that we put out this morning all over Texas.

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The looming "security cliff"

Should a government that can already seize your bank account for very little reason be allowed to also collect your phone records with as little justification?

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In the News: "Ala. joins coalition of states calling for convention to limit federal power"

The following article was originally published on The Washington Times.

Alabama has become the fourth state to pass legislation calling for a constitutional convention of states to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

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Texas Republican senators deny constituents' loud cries for action to stop the out-of-control federal government

AUSTIN, Texas, May 27, 2015 - In a massive grassroots initiative during the 84th legislative session in Texas, constituents propelled an Article V resolution, HJR 77, to victory in the House 80-62 on May 14. It was then sent directly to the Senate State Affairs Committee.

"This week, cowardice and defiance were on full display by Republican Senators Craig Estes (SD-30), Troy Fraser (SD-24) and Jane Nelson (SD-12), who either skipped the Memorial Day hearing for HJR 77 altogether or ran and hid from constituents who were trying to educate them on the bill and answer questions," said Delvis Dutton, Former Georgia State Representative and Regional Director of the Convention of States Project. The committee Chair on multiple occasions in the last 48 hours attempted to convene the committee during Senate recesses, but Senators Estes, Fraser and Nelson were witnessed by constituents quickly exiting the Senate Floor, thus preventing a quorum and vote on HJR 77.

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The world is drowning in debt, warns Goldman Sachs

According to the European chief executive of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, the world -- including the U.S. -- is in big trouble.

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EPA under fire for social media ‘PR campaign’ pushing water regs

Obama administration critics charge the Environmental Protection Agency cajoled the public into supporting a controversial proposed regulation with an unprecedented social media campaign, pushing the boundaries of legal agency advocacy. 

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Showdown in Texas Senate Committee

Here's the situation in the Lone Star State:

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Kansas Call to Action!

The Convention of States Kansas Team is close to having the necessary number of votes to ensure the Convention of States model application HCR510 is a success in Kansas! Our team in Topeka has met with Speaker Merrick and his staff. Speaker Merrick has expressed his support for HCR5010 and has agreed to work the resolution if we meet the votes required. Thank you for making the calls and emails, but we also want to thank the Speaker for his support on this measure. We are less than 5 votes shy of meeting the vote requirement. We need to press on to secure the final votes needed.

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A tribute to the men and women of America's armed forces

Note: We originally posted the following tribute several months ago, but it was so good we wanted to share it again on Memorial Day. It was written by a Vietnam veteran who is serving as a Convention of States supporter. Information about the Convention of States nationwide effort to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government can be found here.

It was a bright, sunny afternoon when we arrived at Omaha Beach in northern France. Upon exiting the bus and walking out to the beach itself, I considered the drastic contrast between today’s peaceful Omaha Beach and the Omaha Beach of June 6, 1944. Walking on the same sand where so many American soldiers (about 2,500) died made me feel humbled, grateful, and respectful of the courage and bravery shown that day.

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Louisiana Call to Action

Politics is a cesspool. And what we are facing now in the Louisiana Senate is reminiscent of that. After our passage in the House, we have run into some unexpected trouble in the Senate. While we are attempting to restore our God-given rights and our Constitution, some are looking to sabotage those efforts. Some Senate Democrats, including Senator Jean-Paul Morrell, have successfully pressured the Senate leadership to assign HCR2 to the wrong committee in order to kill the bill.

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Memorial Day observed with a hearing on preserving and restoring the principles of America's self-governance

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of Texas grassroots activists, HJR 77 has been scheduled for a public hearing on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th at 8:00 a.m. in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

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Alabama joins Florida, Georgia, and Alaska and passes the Convention of States resolution

The Alabama state motto is “We dare defend our rights,” and that sentiment was on display May 21st in the Alabama State Capitol.

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Sen. Sessions to Congress: "American people don't trust you" on Obamatrade

In yet another power grab by the executive branch of the federal government...

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said to Congress, “The American people don’t trust you” on Obamatrade deal.

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In the News: "Let the skeptics weep while the courageous rejoice"

The following was written by Jessica Russell, a Convention of States supporters in South Carolina. Readers may remember a previous article by Ms. Russell, which we re-published from Wikinut a few days ago.

Calling a Convention of States is the solution to a tyrannical government provided by God to those highly intelligent men we refer to as our Founding Fathers. However, an inordinate amount of unfounded fear surrounds this process. The simple fact is, the Convention of States Project is the hope of our country, but unless people can be made to see through whatever is blinding their eyes, our nation will not be saved.

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Texas resolution held up by Senator Estes

Calling all Convention of States Project supporters! Texas has an urgent call to action.

After 18 months of effort, the Texas Convention of States team earned a victory in the Texas House and secured a Senate committee hearing, which was slated for tomorrow. Then we found out this morning that Senator Craig Estes (SD-30) has “tagged” HJR 77, which means NO HEARING TOMORROW.

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Call To Action Kansas & American Patriots!

Today Kansas’ Convention of States application is being killed by one person.  Speaker Ray Merrick, as a self proclaimed Constitutionalist and former Chairman of ALEC, refuses to run HCR 5010 to a vote on the House floor without giving reason.  We feel he is trying to run out the clock before the legislators adjourn for the session which will postpone and possibly take out Kansas from participating in the Convention of States. 

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Republican vs. Democrat? Mitch McConnell uses Reid-like tactics

We've said it before: electing the "right" officials will not stop federal abuse of power. As Breitbart reports, that principle was clearly demonstrated yesterday in the Senate:

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Feds have no idea if $4 billion farmers program does anything

The federal government has no idea whether a $4 billion U.S. Department of Agriculture initiative for beginning farmers has worked at all, according to the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

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