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Justice Department review finds DEA agents engaged in cartel-funded parties

The incompetence and corruption in our federal agencies knows no bounds. This from the USA Today:

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Taxpayers foot bill for union work, lawmakers seek changes

When he arrived on Capitol Hill in January, freshman Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., discovered something he had no clue was going on. Hundreds of federal employees spend their entire workday -- not doing the business of the government, but working for their unions.

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Down but not defeated: An update from North Dakota

Thank you for your overwhelming support as we work to call a Convention of States to preserve freedom in our great nation! We wanted to give you a quick update on North Dakota, and explain how you can help in the future.

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Friends don't let friends miss the Convention of States movement

When a movement enjoys as much success as the Convention of States Project, you might be tempted to say to yourself, "We have hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the country. Do we really need more people to get this done?"

We're happy to have such widespread support, but we think you might be asking the wrong question.

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Save HCR 3014 in North Dakota

****BREAKING NEWS: Mission accomplished! Thank you for your quick response. In the past 12 hours, North Dakota Senators' inboxes have been flooded with hundreds of emails in support of HCR 3014. They will request a reconsideration vote this afternoon. Please stop all emails to ND senators unless you are a resident of the state. The Senate floor will convene at 1pm CT on March 25. Click here to watch the proceedings live. ****

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GREAT NEWS for Convention of States in Nevada!

The Convention of States resolution in the Nevada legislature, AJR7, will be heard TOMORROW in the Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections.

The Committee members NEED to hear that you want them to SUPPORT AJR7.

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Sean Hannity on a Convention of States: "I'm a big supporter" (audio)

We're excited to announce Sean Hannity's official endorsement of the Convention of States Project!

"I'm a big supporter of [a Convention of States]," Hannity said during an interview with Mark Meckler and Senator Tom Coburn. "I like what you're doing. I hope you get it accomplished."

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Report: Homeland Security official used improper influence in visa cases

Federal abuse doesn't stop at the President, Congress, or the Supreme Court...

The No. 2 official at the Homeland Security Department improperly intervened on behalf of foreign investors seeking U.S. visas in three cases involving prominent Democrats, including a company run by the youngest brother of likely Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the agency's inspector general said Tuesday.

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Hurricane Sandy relief money went to underground weed business

We're glad there seems to be a rigorous vetting process to receive federal taxpayer money...

Nearly $1 million worth of federal disaster relief money went to a New York City cherry factory with a hidden basement filled with hundreds of hydroponically grown marijuana plants, according to the New York Post.

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Farris, Coburn earn standing ovation at Oklahoma town hall

The following article was written Meagan Farley and published on Oklahoma's Own News 6.

JENKS, Oklahoma - Former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn proved he hasn't lost his celebrity status as Oklahomans flocked to a town hall meeting where he promoted what he calls, "the solution to limiting the federal government."

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Call to action Iowa! Senate Government Committee to consider Article V

After passing the Iowa House 54-43, the Iowa Convention of States Article V application calling for an amending convention has been sent to the Senate State Government Committee for consideration. The bill, HJR 8, needs your support to get it heard on the Senate floor.

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Mark Meckler and Sen. Tom Coburn to appear on Sean Hannity to discuss Convention of States (LISTEN)

Tune in to the Sean Hannity Show today, March 23rd, at 4:30 p.m. EDT to hear Mark Meckler and Sen. Tom Coburn discuss Article V and the nationwide effort to call a Convention of States.

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EPA wants to monitor how long hotel guests spend in the shower

This week in government waste and over regulation...

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants hotels to monitor how much time its guests spend in the shower.

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South Carolina CALL TO ACTION

Note: This is an in-state Call to Action. It only applies to folks in South Carolina.

Dear Convention of States Project Patriot,

The Convention of States resolution in South Carolina -- S 198 -- was passed out of the South Carolina Senate with a vote of 13 to 8 last Tuesday. Every single Republican present on that committee voted for this resolution.

Unfortunately many Democrats in the SC Senate are opposing this effort to rein in the federal government and a “minority report” was placed on this bill when it was sent to the Senate floor. A “minority report” permits one person to thwart the efforts of the majority….and prevents debate and vote on our resolution!

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In the News: States urged to call for convention amending U.S. Constitution

The following excerpt is from an article written by Brad Cooper and published in The Wichita Eagle.

The Kansas Legislature takes issue with much of what’s coming out of Washington.

New environmental protections. Obamacare. “Activist” judges. The threat of gun control.

Now it’s planning to fight back by trying to change the U.S. Constitution.

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Calling all North Dakotans!

Note: We reported last week that the North Dakota Senate would vote on March 23rd, but have since been told the vote will not happen until March 24th or possibly later in the week.

The North Dakota Senate will vote this week on HCR 3014, giving the state the opportunity to become the fourth state in history to pass the Convention of States application to reign in the runaway power of the federal government.

The problems our nation faces are the result of constitutional interpretations that capitalize on ambiguities in the wording of some phrases (i.e., the General Welfare Clause).  If we correct these ambiguities by clarifying the Founding Fathers’ original intentions regarding the limitations of federal power, we can restore the federal government to its proper, limited place.

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Come see Tom Coburn and Michael Farris in Oklahoma March 23

Senator Tom Coburn and I have been crisscrossing the nation speaking to citizens and state legislators about the last, best chance to preserve liberty in our country: an Article V Convention of States.

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President of Arizona Senate refuses to assign Convention of States resolution

The good Senator from Gilbert, Andy Biggs, has decided not to follow his party’s edict after the Arizona GOP State Committeemen (and women) overwhelmingly passed their resolution to “mandate to the Arizona State Legislature to pass a Resolution to bring an out of control federal government back into compliance with the founding principles and Constitution of this Republic”.

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Critical week in Mississippi

This week is critical for the success of the Convention of States Project in Mississippi.

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North Dakota Senate Government Committee to hear Convention of States application TOMORROW

NORTH DAKOTANS: Call your State Senator to Support HCR 3014 TODAY!

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