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Obama's unconstitutional transgender bathroom order... and what you can do about it

Obama’s executive action unilaterally imposed an order to all federally funded schools and universities across the country, bypassing the Constitutionally mandated mechanism to create law—Congress.

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The cost of this administration's 20,642 new regulations

The Obama administration has overseen the creation of 20,642 new regulations since 2009, according to the Daily Signal.

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Texas Governor refuses to be intimidated by anti-Article V fear mongering

The following article was written by Peggy Fikac and published on the San Antonio Express-News.

When Gov. Greg Abbott proposed amending the U.S. Constitution to rein in the federal government, you might have expected the Republican to get slammed by the left. And he did.

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IRS wastes nearly 25% of this tax-relief program

Everyone knows our country is headed towards a fiscal cliff -- everyone, that is, except our officials in Washington, D.C.

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Arizona District Captain to the Yuma Sun: "Nobody can look at the national debt and say things are fine"

The following article was written by Blake Herzog and originally published in the Yuma Sun.

A Yuma woman hopes to spark support through weekly meetings for a movement seeking to use a never-used provision of the U.S. Constitution to pass amendments seeking to limit federal power.

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How Americans are reacting to Trump, Clinton record unfavorability ratings

The media is making much of Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s unfavorability ratings, which both hit record highs this week for presidential candidates from the last ten election cycles. But in all the mayhem, few are talking about the federal officials currently in office -- or their dismal approval ratings.

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State Department uses misleading statistics in an attempt to make the UN seem less anti-Israel

The State Department is using misleading statistics to make the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) seem less anti-Israel than it truly is, according to a leading watchdog of the international body.

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The White House is refusing to use THIS word to describe its activities in Iraq

In Washington, D.C., truth takes a backseat to politics every time.

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Texas leads the way preventing more federal bathroom overreach

“He’s not a King,” Texas Governor Greg Abbot tweeted recently in response to President Obama’s threat to yank federal funding from schools that don’t want boys to use the girl’s bathrooms.

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America's two biggest problems reveal a startling truth

Gallup released the results this week of their latest “Top U.S. Problem” poll, and the results suggest a great deal about the root of the troubles facing the United States.

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Article V explained in under 30 seconds (WATCH)

You don't have to be a constitutional lawyer to understand how an Article V Convention of States works. As Michael Farris explains, the basics are really quite simple

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Obama spends 20x more than Eisenhower did to do THIS

The regulatory leviathan in D.C. is out of control, and now we have a study to prove it.

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White House tactics used to target payday lenders could be used against gun industry

The Obama administration is using aggressive new tactics to go after payday lenders in an effort to shut down part of an industry it targeted previously in Operation Choke Point.

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The Iran deal was sold as a "narrative" and the White House is refusing to be held accountable

The White House’s refusal to allow senior White House adviser Ben Rhodes to testify before Congress about his part selling the Iran deal “narrative” demonstrates once again this administration’s attitude as above the will of the people.

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Is a conservative third-party run a "suicide mission"?

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus told Fox News over the weekend that any attempt at a third-party run from anti-Trump conservatives would be a “suicide mission for our country" that could wreck the conservative movement for the next 100 years.

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WATCH: Small business owner destroys pro-regulation politician

Pro-regulation politicians know all about getting re-elected, but they have no idea what it's like to own a small business in the real world. This small business owner explains it to them, and we couldn't believe what he said.

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U.S. Senator on Social Security: "I would say the system is rigged"

In the wake of mounting allegations of corruption and incompetence inside Social Security Administration disability review offices, a Senate panel is seeking answers.

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Republican-led Senate doesn't think Obama spends enough taxpayer money

We say this all the time at the Convention of States Project: it doesn't matter who's in charge in Washington, D.C. Our country is in the fiscal mess it's in because both parties have acted irresponsibly and contrary to the will of the American people.

Now the Republican-led Senate has given us one of the best examples of this unfortunate reality to date.

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You won't believe what George Washington said about a Convention of States

The Framers of the Constitution voted unanimously to include the Convention of States option in Article V of the Constitution, but did they have anything else to say about it? Quite a bit, actually, and we've included some of their thoughts (along with those from other American defenders of liberty) in a new video. Check it out!

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Trump's charge up Capitol Hill: Can he mend the divide between D.C. and alienated voters?

Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with a number of Republican leaders today, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has thus far declined to endorse the New York businessman for President.

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