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This agency stonewalled an FOIA request for six years... then destroyed the records

Department of Labor (DOL) officials likely violated federal law when they said they had records requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), then six years later said they didn’t and deleted an email account that proved otherwise, Americans for Limited Government (ALG) said in a FOIA appeal Tuesday.

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This new federal rule will undermine local authority to create a "bureaucratic vision of a socio-economic utopia"

The following is an excerpt written by Glenn Jacobs and originally published on

There is an old saying, “He who owns the gold makes the rules.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the relationship between the federal government and state and local authorities. Washington bullies, cajoles and intimidates inferior jurisdictions to go along with its edicts or lose federal funding – or worse.

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Texas leader writes scathing response to anti-Constitution op-ed

The following excerpt was written by Tamara Colbert and originally published on

America is at the edge of a cliff. With crushing debt and spending, one-third of Americans out of work, a president driving racial tensions and a world on the edge of war, thank goodness Texas has the leadership of Governor Greg Abbott.

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Exclusive Video: Missouri Rep. Rick Brattin believes there is a threat greater than terrorism

Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin spoke this year in front of his colleagues at the Missouri State Capitol about the threats facing our nation today. One of those threats is terrorism, but there is an even greater threat that makes Rep. Brattin fear for the future of his children. Our team was on hand to capture the video below.

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Mark Meckler: There is only one alternative to anarchy

Our nation is at a crossroads. Mark Meckler appeared on Breitbart News Daily recently to discuss which path will lead to liberty, self-governance, and prosperity. You don't want to miss it. 

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Trump says "I'm with you." But who said it first?

In stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “I’m with her,” Donald Trump said in a recent speech at the Republican National Convention that “I’m with you, the American people.”

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Town hall meetings to fight federal overreach are being held around the country. Here's how to join one.

Our volunteer teams are active all across the country! Check out this short video to get a glimpse into just a few of the many town hall meetings being hosted by Convention of States volunteers.

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In the News: "Convention of States Movement Gathers Steam," says The Weekly Standard

Under Article V of the Constitution, a constitutional amendment may be proposed by a two-thirds vote in both chambers of Congress or by a special convention called by Congress on the application of two-thirds of the state legislatures. Thus, Congress controls one path for proposing amendments, while state legislatures control a second one. Of course, whichever path an amendment takes, it then must be ratified by three-quarters of the states for it to be added to the Constitution.

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How the FDA creates monopolies and puts lives at risk

The following article was written by Bonnie Kristian over at She does a great job calling attention to what can happen when the federal government meddles in the free market. Fortunately, a Convention of States can address exactly this issue. Click here to get involved.

The EpiPen is a device that delivers the hormone epinephrine directly into the body during a crisis allergy attack. It can be the difference between life and death, and many people with severe allergies carry one with them at all times.

Prescribed to some 3.6 million Americans, the EpiPen also costs more than $300.

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D.C. is in the (big) business of power, and it's hurting small businesses everywhere

President Obama says that he “supports small businesses” because they are the “engines of job creation.” But do his actions -- and those of the federal government as a whole -- back up his claims?

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9/11 Survivor: "The threat to our nation is so profound that this is the only recourse to save us"

Texas Senator Brian Birdwell survived the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, and he spoke to a group of patriots recently about the need for a Convention of States. Check it out!

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How the national debt makes us vulnerable to foreign governments

Foreign holdings of U.S. Treasury securities fell for the second straight month in May, Yahoo News reported yesterday. The Treasury Department says total foreign holdings dropped 0.5 percent to $6.21 trillion after slipping 0.8 percent to $6.24 trillion in April. 

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WATCH: The rule of law will be "supreme again" after a Convention of States, says Tom Coburn

Tom Coburn -- Senior Advisor for the Convention of States Project and former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma -- joined Convention of States co-founder Mark Meckler in Texas last week for a fantastic event with supporters from around the state. Check out the video below for a closer look at the event, and hear for yourself what Senator Coburn said about how a Convention of States can affect the rule of law.

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Can Trump unify Republicans at this week's Republican National Convention?

The Republican National Convention begins today as Donald Trump and his supporters make their most important bid to unify the party. 

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States or feds? America has decided, and the answer may surprise you.

Who decides? The American people or the federal government? It’s a simple question, but the answer could alter the future of our country for generations to come.

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WATCH: Florida hosts volunteer-led Simulated Convention of States

The Article V Convention of States process provides a real, workable solution to the federal government's overreach and fiscal irresponsibility. That's what the Convention of States team in Florida set out to prove by hosting a Simulated Convention of States, and you don't want to miss how it went!

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The future does not look bright for this group of Americans

The future does not look bright for young Americans -- and they know it.

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Another BIG name comes out in support of a Convention of States

Sheriff David Clark just came out in support of a Convention of States on Mark Levin's radio show! Check out the clip below to listen to what he said.

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Judicial ethics do not apply to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Ginsburg has blasted Donald Trump in a public interview. This is unprecedented.

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The President's bathroom edict is about one thing: power. This is how the states can take it back.

On one hand, it’s refreshing to see that at least 20 states have now filed suit against the feds over the Obama administration’s bathroom edict. But on the other hand, it’s disturbing to realize that the president and his officials have amassed so much power over every level of state and local policy that we must plead with federal courts over an issue that should be a very basic aspect of self-governance.

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