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WWII vet defends Constitution with Article V

Vickie Deppe is the Illinois Legislative Liaison for the Convention of States Project. She first brought Don Shee to our attention, and we asked her to write a short piece on this exceptional volunteer.

I want to start by saying that I think my friend Don Shee would be appalled to know I’m bragging on him, because he’s a humble man. I’m going to do it anyway, though, because I hope his story will inspire you.

When I joined the Convention of States Project, I didn’t have to go looking for Don. He found me. He called me up at home (and, to be honest, it was a little disconcerting to hear how much he had been able to learn about me and my family on-line!). Since then, he’s been using his Internet savvy to monitor media throughout the nation for us. In fact, I connected with the legislator who would become our Democrat Chief Co-Sponsor because Don tipped me off to an event about a hundred miles from where we both live.

Don’s advocacy doesn’t stop at his keyboard. He actively campaigned to replace an incumbent with a new representative committed to championing the Convention of States cause. He’s been a tireless advocate with state legislators, fraternal organizations, friends, and neighbors. His family is throwing him a big birthday bash, and he asked if it was OK for them to put “Ask me about COS” on my name tag.

Have I mentioned that Don is 90 years old? Seventy years ago, he defended our Constitution during WWII as a gunner on a B-17. Today he does it by working for an Article V Convention. Don told me his dream is to see it happen before he closes his eyes for the last time. Will you join us? Will you help make Don’s dream a reality?

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