Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is a great way to spread the word about the COS Project.  These letters are read by hundreds of people, and it doesn’t take long to write them up and send them in.  If you want to help the COS Project, this is the place to start!

Here are a few tips for crafting the perfect letter:

A letter to the editor doesn’t make news—it comments on news.  Try to craft your letter around a recent event or, better yet, a previous article.  Skim the newspaper’s online archives to see if they’ve already written on Article V, and try to write your letter as a response to that article.  If the newspaper hasn’t published a piece on Article V, you can mention the Mt. Vernon Assembly, Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments, or a recent example of abuse by the federal government.

Keep the word count in mind.  Oftentimes, letters to the editor must be within a certain word count.  Try to find out what this is before sending your letter.

Don’t ramble.  Keep your letter clear and concise.  Grab the reader’s attention with an interesting first sentence and get to the point quickly.

Send your letter to the appropriate address.  Newspapers often have a specific email address they want folks to send their letters.  This will be posted on their website or at the end of the Letters to the Editor section.

Don’t give up!  If your letter isn’t published, send it to a different paper or try sending it again.

Below is an example.  Feel free to use it or change it however you wish!

Dear Editor,

The power of the federal government is out of control.  As the state legislators at the recent Mt. Vernon Assembly realized, Washington’s abuse of power—instigated by both Republicans and Democrats—must come to an end before it’s too late.

The $17 trillion national debt is one example of this abuse.  Our children and grandchildren will pay for Washington’s spending spree.  There will be taxes imposed for spending they never approved and from which they never directly benefited.  The cry of that generation will echo that of the founding generation: “Taxation without representation!”

Fortunately, when the national government becomes drunk with power, the states possess the authority to reorganize the power structure in a manner that preserves liberty.  Article V of the Constitution allows states to call a convention for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution.  Using an Article V convention, the states can stop the spending and debt spree, the power grabs of the federal courts, and the forfeiture of American sovereignty to the UN.

Citizens for Self-Governance has started the Convention of States Project to urge state legislators to call a Convention of States.  To get involved visit our website, and our Facebook page,  You can also contact [Your State]’s COS state leadership at [Your State Leadership’s Email].

We are approaching a crossroads.  One path leads to the escalating power of an irresponsible centralized government, ultimately resulting in the financial ruin of generations of Americans.  The other path leads to freedom and the chance to once again be proud of these United States.

Which will we choose?

I’m choosing to preserve liberty by volunteering for the Convention of States Project in [Your State].


Your Name

Convention of States Project

Now you’re ready to go!  If you want to get involved further, be sure to sign up in the Action Center!

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