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WOW: 73% of Republicans believe GOP leaders are out of touch

A huge gap exists between the average American and the so-called "elite" in Washington, D.C. We the People have felt this way for years, and now a new poll from the Rasmussen Report has confirmed it.

The poll found that 73% of Likely Republican Voters believe GOP leaders have lost touch with Republican voters. Just 20% say those leaders have done a good job representing GOP voters. 

Leaders in D.C. from both sides of the aisle don't understand the American people. And yet, year after year, they writes rules and pass laws that allow them to make decisions for the people they're supposed to serve.

How can our representatives in Congress make decisions for us when they clearly don't know anything about us? Why do we let our leaders in Washington control our healthcare, our spending, and our food if they can't even be bothered to connect with their constituents?

This has been a problem for years -- decades, even -- but now there is a solution.

An Article V Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that remove power from the national government and return it to the states and the people. These amendments can empower the states to reassert their rightful place as the primary drivers of domestic policy and give the people the ability to hold their elected officials accountable.

A Convention of States can't force U.S. Congressmen to care about their constituents. But it can ensure that these out-of-touch Congressmen don't possess the power to run the lives of the American people.