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West Virginia GOP Executive Committee endorses Convention of States Project

Great news from West Virginia! Last weekend, in Parkersburg, the West Virginia GOP Executive Committee formally endorsed the Convention of States Project in a unanimous decision after a powerful speech from Senator Tom Coburn. West Virginia Legislative Liaison Jay Taylor gave us a first-hand report, which we've posted below.

On Saturday, Aug. 29th, at the West Virginia Summer Republic Executive Committee Meeting there were a number of great happenings for the Convention of States Project.

During the morning County Chairs Meeting, a Convention of States brochure was presented with encouragements for every county chair to have their executive committees endorse passage of Convention of States. This was met with great enthusiasm and many Chairmen are asking for the form to do this. The Chairman of the Committee has agreed to allow us to email this to the group.

We then had the honor of having U.S. Senator Tom Coburn address our Executive Committee Luncheon. The State Chair allowed me to introduce him since I am a member of the Executive Committee as Chairman of my County. Senator Coburn was met with a standing ovation and gave a very encouraging speech and then answered questions and concerns from the audience. When he was done, he was also given another much deserved standing ovation. Many legislators approached the Senator to get their picture taken with him on his way back to his seat.

During the regular meeting the State Chairman asked me to read the motion before the committee to endorse Convention of States. This was met with an amendment to make a few minor cosmetic changes to the document which spurred some very patriotic discussions. The amendments were met without objection and approved by the committee. We then voted by unanimous consent to approve the motion.

We built a lot of momentum and excitement with this visit by Tom Coburn. It impressed many Republicans and has excited the party. I believe we will be able to use this visit and endorsement as a tool in many of our upcoming talks with legislators.

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