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I’m so honored that I am getting to share my vision for Citizen’s for Self-Governance’s Convention of States Project on Hugh Hewitt’s show today.

Hugh is a great friend and ally in our battle for America.

If you heard me talking on the show and had your interest piqued, welcome.  You’ve come to the right place, because I’ll tell you everything you need to know to about how to get your state legislators on board with the Convention of States project.

  1. Download our free handbook. Many of you are just hearing about Article V for the first time. Our handbook will give you as many details as you want – perhaps more! – that will help you understand how to join in our effort. Download it in our Citizen’s Toolkit on the top right of your screen.  It’s the very first item, because we believe it’s essential for you to understand the details of our plan.
  2. Register for our Tele-Townhall.  What are you doing Thursday night?  Come on, it’s the evening before Valentine’s Day, so what better way to spend it than learning about the Convention of States Project? On February 13 at 8pm EST Prof. Rob Natelson, leading expert on Article V, will explain how a Convention of States would operate based on previous interstate conventions as well as legal precedent.  He’ll also address how amendments will be ratified. Register here.
  3. Volunteer to be Part of the Team: There’s no reason to be coy.  We need you.  There are many ways to volunteer, so check out the possible ways to join us here.

Lastly, poke around on our website.  Get to know us.  Let us get to know you by connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter.  I think this is could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


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