Yesterday, we called you to stand up and fight for liberty. Today, we’re giving you some weapons.

There are some great resources available to aid you as you talk to your state legislators and friends. First, the Citizen’s Toolkit, located on the home page of our website, allows you to download six documents: the Handbook, our model application, the Convention of States overview, the FAQ page, and sample letters to your legislators and friends and family. Feel free to download these and print as many as you like! You can give the Handbook and model application to your state legislator, and the overview and FAQ page to your friends. These documents answer almost every question about a Convention of States.

If you haven’t already found it, the COS Project also has a YouTube channel. We’ve posted a number of videos, the most recent of which is Laura Fennig’s presentation at the Washington Freedom Summit. These videos allow you to hear directly from the COS Project leadership. You can also show these videos at conferences and meetings to help you explain what the COS Project is all about.

Our Facebook Notes provide a variety of resources as well. You can read Robert Kelly’s answers to the objections raised by Publius Huldah and learn the best way to call your state representative. We’ve also included our FAQ page, so you can link directly to that document. 

And you’ve already found one of our best resources: this blog! We update it every day, giving you the latest news and information on the Convention of States Project.

We encourage you to use these documents and videos to educate yourself and others!

You have youre weapons. Now get back out there and join the fight!

- The COS Project Team

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