Didn’t get a chance to attend the Article V Symposium last week? No problem! We’ve posted the entirety of the Symposium on our Youtube channel. There are six videos you can watch by clicking on the links below:


1. Mark Meckler’s presentation.

2. Michael Farris’s presentation.

3. Prof. Rob Natelson’s presentation.

4. Robert Berry’s presentation.

5. Sen. Kevin Lundberg and Rep. Lori Saine’s presentation.

6. A panel discussion with Meckler, Farris, Natelson, and Berry.

7. A question-and-answer session with Meckler, Farris, Natelson, and Berry. (You won’t want to miss what Natelson says at the end of the video!)


These videos provide a great overview of the Convention of States Project and the Article V process, as well as answers to many common questions about a Convention of States.

We’ve posted Mark Meckler’s presentation below to give you a taste of what you can find on our Youtube channel:


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