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Social Media Warrior

One of our most exclusive volunteer teams--the Social Media Warriors--is for the truly committed. We welcome new applicants who are committed to support, promote, and defend the Convention of States mission by leaving relevant comments on blogs, social media posts, and online publications.

The SMWs are on the cutting edge of protecting the Convention of States narrative online and have been known to shut down strong opponents.

This is a highly engaged group of Warriors. If you do not complete at least one Call to Action every two weeks, you will be removed from the group.

Expected level: 20 minutes/week - as much as you'd like!

To Apply:
Step 1: Provide the information below and hit the"Update Info and continue"button.
Step 2: Check your email--and spam folder--for an email with training instructions and next steps. (Look for the subject line: Welcome to the Social Media Warriors! Your first mission is...)
Step 3: Follow our simple on-boarding steps outlined in the email, and welcome to the team!

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State Followup Team

Every week, thousands of grassroots conservatives are signing up to join the grassroots movement for a Convention of States that will save our nation.

Today, we ask you, as a Patriot and a member of this community, to help our team welcome these inspired citizens into the Convention of States project. We need a team of dedicated Patriots to join our State Followup Team to help us welcome these newly engaged citizens.

The strength of our movement lies in its numbers, and the best way to ensure that we retain and expand our citizen-activist army is to personally reach and engage every single member.

You can play a critical role in that important task by filling out this secure form and joining the State Followup Team today.

Let’s work together to return the power to its rightful owners, the sovereign citizens of this nation.

Simply fill out this secure form to become a Followup Team Member Now!

Curious and want to learn more? Watch a 25 minute training video below that will outline exactly what we need you to do!

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Chat Team

Do you love welcoming people and showing them around?  Our website gets thousands of interested visitors every day. As a member of the chat team, you are the greeter helping these patriots find the resources and information they are in search of.

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Quick Response Team

The Quick Response Team (QRT) is a vital part to the success of bringing each state into the “win” column in passing our resolution to call for a Convention of States.  These grassroots warriors are selfless and determined to make a difference in every state of our country.

QRT members are willing to make phone calls across state lines to other grassroots individuals and ask them to contact their legislator and ask him or her to support our resolution when it is being heard in committee or coming up for a floor vote.  No calling of legislators—just their constituents.  You are asking COS-friendly citizens to let their voice be heard.  You will be provided with your script and a script to give them with the numbers for them to contact to make it easy and efficient.

Truly, the QRT is on the cutting edge of ensuring that we reach our needed number of 34 states to call for a Convention of States.

This is a highly respected and effective group of citizen activists.   

Expected level of time commitment: Varies depending on the legislative sessions.  During legislative season, approximately 2-5 hours per week.  Off season has to Calls to Action for the QRT.

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