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The COS Project is proud to announce the imminent launch of our new Action Center!  You’ll be able to find the Action Center under the Take Action tab, and it will allow you to

  • Communicate directly with your state and local leaders, and vice versa.
  • Find out which leadership positions still need to be filled and submit an application.
  • Learn which state legislative district you’re in and who your state representatives are.


Communication is key to any successful project, and the Action Center will give you the quickest, most efficient way to communicate.  You’ll be able to share ideas and discuss strategy with your state leadership, and your leaders will be able to let you know about the latest news in your state.

Once you create your profile (and your leaders create theirs!), you’ll be able to see exactly who your leadership is and which positions we still need to fill.  You can submit an application through the Action Center for any position we haven’t filled.  This will give you a clear picture of your state’s specific needs and how you can meet them.

Finally, the Action Center will tell you which district you’re in and who your state representatives are.  No more searching through state legislative websites, trying to find your representatives.  The Action Center will tell you automatically.

And the best part is… these are only a few of the features the Action Center will eventually include!  Our web developers are working on even more ways to help you, the people, succeed in this important task.

The Action Center is scheduled to go live within the next week!  Remember to log in and create your profile, so we can place you in the appropriate district and you can contact your leadership.

Can’t wait to contact your state leadership?  No problem.  We’ve published a contact list of all the statewide positions we’ve filled.  Simply click on a name to send them an email!  (If your email application doesn’t automatically open, you can right click on a name and select “Copy Email Address.”)

We’re excited to give you these tools to build the grassroots network in your state.  We think they’ll prove invaluable in the months ahead, and we’re looking forward to helping you use them!

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Jordan Sillars