Thanks to your calls and emails, the new Arizona Convention of States application (SCR 1016) passed the Arizona House by a vote of 31-24.

SCR 1016 must now pass the Arizona Senate, where Senate President Andy Biggs has thus far refused to bring our Article V Convention of States application to a vote.

This is clearly wrong. Biggs’s approach only mimics the tactics of the ruling elite in Washington—when they cannot win on merit, they resort to parliamentary procedure to silence the voice of the people.

Please phone Senator Biggs immediately and leave the following message:

“Please allow the Arizona Senate to vote on SCR 1016. Future generations will note whether we seize the moment and turn back federal tyranny or shrink back, unwilling to fight for our liberty. Allow SCR 1016 to be voted on in the Arizona Senate.”

Phone Number: (602) 926-4371

We need 1000 calls to Senator Biggs TODAY. Phone your friends and family, and be a part of history!


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