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Two signs point to a bright future for the Convention of States Project

The Convention of States Project has always been founded on two groups of patriots: citizens supporters and state legislators. The passion and dedication of these two groups is what will make a Convention of States a reality.

Today, we have two fantastic indications both of these groups are growing faster than we could have hoped.

First, we're pleased to announce over 300,000 people have voiced their support through either our state or national Facebook pages -- more than some large companies like Travelocity, Panasonic, and Choice Hotels.

The individuals who have liked our Facebook pages want to learn more about what we're doing to halt the abuses of Washington, D.C., and many of them have committed to volunteering in their state. In just over a year the Convention of States movement has grown from a small group of engaged citizens to a nationwide effort, and we're excited to add to this base of supporters even more in the future. 

Second, Michael Farris, co-founder of the Convention of States Project, is hosting a call tonight with state legislators from across the country who are eager to learn more about and support this last, best chance to limit the federal government.

Many of these legislators have committed to championing a Convention of States in their legislative body, either through sponsoring our resolution or voicing their support during deliberations. We're excited to work with these dedicated public servants, and we know they'll do everything in their power to ensure the passage of the Convention of States resolution in their state.

As you can see, the future looks bright for the movement to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government through a Convention of States.

If you'd like to join the rapidly-growing effort, you can become a volunteer on this page or apply to be a leader on this page.