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Trump says "I'm with you." But who said it first?

In stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan “I’m with her,” Donald Trump said in a recent speech at the Republican National Convention that “I’m with you, the American people.”

Trump is looking to appeal to Americans who feel left behind and marginalized by the so-called “elite” in D.C. Trump’s goal throughout his campaign has been to give these people a voice, and it’s led him straight to his party’s nomination.

What most Americans don’t know is that the Founding Fathers gave them a voice long before Donald Trump came on the scene. These great statesmen were with the American people in 1776, and their legacy is with the American people now.

That's why they included the Convention of States option in Article V of the Constitution. An Article V Convention of States allows the people -- acting through their state legislatures -- to change the status quo in our nation’s capital.

A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that shift the balance of power back towards the states and the people, prohibiting the federal government from abusing their power and ensuring the average American once again has a voice within the political system. The movement is spreading from coast to coast as hundreds of thousands of patriots have caught the Founders’ vision of a free America with a limited national government.