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This Thanksgiving, show our troops your gratitude

Nothing we do at the Convention of States Project would be possible without the daily sacrifice of the American men and women in our armed forces. Though we all have a role in the fight to preserve liberty, they're on the front lines: they've risked everything so you and I can enjoy the peace and freedom of an independent nation.

Unfortunately, the commitment of these brave Americans often forces them to spend the holiday season away from friends and family. That's where you can help.

This Thanksgiving, show our troops your appreciation by sending them a letter of gratitude. There are numerous organizations that facilitate such letters, but Operation Gratitude is one of our favorites.

This webpage explains how and where to send letters expressing your thanks. Let our troops know how much their service means to you and your family, and tell them they'll be in your thoughts and prayers.

There's much to be thankful for in this country. This holiday season, let's remember the men and women who make much of it possible.