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The Republican sellout of the American people, led by Paul Ryan

Like many of you, I have been heavily involved in politics for seemingly forever.  Activism for me has spanned over three decades and as hard as we try, things only seem to get worse.  Spending continues out of control and neither Republicans or Democrats ever seem to want to slow it down, on the contrary, both parties are committed to increasing spending at catastrophic pace.  We all know what the issues are, and we all understand we are in dire straits.  

The last budget bill given to us from our new Speaker Paul Ryan is just another in a very long list of betrayals and sell outs given to us from our so called “leaders” in Washington DC, is anyone really surprised?  In 2009 two million people, myself included, made a historic trip to D.C. in an effort to let Washington know we have had enough.  Since then we have taken back the House and when that wasn’t enough, we gave the Republicans back control of the Senate.  What changed?  What difference at this point did it make?  Right!  None, none what so ever and why?  Simple, the government is broken, it no longer works and elections will not make any difference.  Let’s take a quick look and the Republican Budget deal they just passed shall we?

Ryan's budget deal, along with many other insane provisions funded Obamacare fully, funded Obama’s illegal immigration program, funded Sanctuary Cities, funded Obama’s Refugee Resettlement program, funded the release of Obama’s Criminal Aliens back onto our streets and into our neighborhoods, quadrupled the number of H-2B visas for foreign workers, and gives tax credits to illegal aliens among with many other liberal wish list items.  Ryan would have us believe the left got some things and the right got some things and it was a good and fair compromise to keep the government running.  But what pray tell did the conservatives get?  Was there a single penny cut from any departmental budget?  Was border security funded? The great mysterious wall, did it get funded?  No, none of it was funded so what did conservative get?  Nothing, we never do and that my friends is the point, there is a solution and it is a solution as big as the problem itself and it will work if we the people have the fortitude to use what our founders gave us as the cure four an out of control and unresponsive government that cares only doubt its own power.  That solution is the Convention of States Project.

The Convention of States Project, through the use of Article V of the Constitution itself can and will force the Federal Government to live within its means.  Mark Levin and our own Bob Berry have written extensively on this subject and have detailed the solution and what can be accomplished by following through with its procedure.  It is not a silver bullet, there aren't any, but it is the only solution our founders provided for us to used during trying times like these.  It is for this reason, I moved over halfway across the county, left my home and my friends to fight for the one solution that will truly save our Republic.  I know you’re tired, I know you’re frustrated, I am too but we can never give up and we can never stop fighting for our beloved country, we have a way to reform our system and it must be done now.   Please join me in this effort, we truly need all hands on deck for the upcoming legislative season if we hope to pass our resolution throughout the states.  This is the only tool our founders left for our state Legislators to use in our struggle to take our county back and it is high time we used it.

Ken Clark is the Regional Director for the Convention of States Project. Before joining the team, Ken served as the co-host of Grassroots Radio Colorado - "the fastest growing radio show in Colorado". 

Ready to hold Washington, D.C. accountable? Click here to volunteer with the Convention of States Project!