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The "public option": How the feds are using Obamacare to push for more government intervention

What’s the solution to failed government programs? According to the federal government, more government programs!

President Obama and certain members of Congress have seized upon the failures of Obamacare to propose a solution: government-run health insurance. Under this plan -- known as the “public option” -- the feds would develop their own health insurance packages and allow them to compete with those of private insurers.

The American taxpayers, of course, will be paying for this government-run health insurance company, a company whose very existence is due to a previous waste of taxpayer dollars. Senator John McCain summed it up well: "If anything is clear about this failed law, it’s that more government intervention is the wrong solution to fixing our health care system.”

This is one of the ways the federal government has expanded its power over the last 100 years -- it proposes programs that are doomed from the start, then uses those failures as an excuse to start even more programs and gain even more power. It’s a vicious cycle of waste and abuse, and it isn’t going to stop unless We the People take action.

An Article V Convention of States allows the people -- acting through the states -- to stop the creation of useless federal programs and the expansion of state power. A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that limit the power of federal regulators and restrict their jurisdiction. A new president, Congress, or Supreme Court justices cannot (or will not) rein in the power of the regulatory state -- only the states and the people can do it through an Article V Convention of States.