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The numbers game

One number has been on everyone’s mind since the GOP presidential primary became so tightly contested: 1,237. 

That’s the number of delegates the Republican candidate needs to seal his victory at the convention in July, and it isn’t clear any of the candidates will reach it. The news cycle has been inundated with predictions and calculations attempting to “do the math” and determine if Trump can hit the magic number or if Cruz can stop him.

But there is another number that is equally as important to the future of the United States: 34. That’s the number of state legislatures needed to call an Article V Convention of States before one can be convened. Once 34 states submit these applications to Congress, Congress is legally required to name the time and place of the Convention.

At the Convention itself, state delegations can propose constitutional amendments that limit the size and scope of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints on Congress, and mandate term limits for federal officials.

Once these amendments are proposed, another magic number comes into play: 38. That’s the number of states needed to ratify any amendment proposals before they become part of the Constitution. It’s a high bar that ensures only the best amendments have a chance of being added to the highest law in the land. A Convention of States can change the future of America for the better and, unlike the presidential election, the states and the people control the process from beginning to end.

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