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The Founding Fathers got Article V just right

We've all been there. Someone publishes an uninformed letter in the local newspaper, and for the next fifteen minutes you recite everything you would say to the author if he or she was standing in front of you. Here's an idea: take another fifteen minutes to type out your thoughts and send them in to that same newspaper. It's a great way to correct misconceptions about the Convention of States process, and it doesn't take much time at all. Here's a great example from one of our Arizona supporters:

"Scrap constitutional convention method" (Nov. 27 letter by Grant Rees) is proposing nothing more than another way to skin the same cat ... with apologies to animal lovers everywhere.

The current language of Article V, which was hotly debated for several days by the likes of George Mason, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, among others, presently provides for exactly what Mr. Rees says he wants: An amendment process that allows the states to exercise their power and authority to propose, debate and ratify amendments to the Constitution, free from the interference or influence of the federal government.

Our Founding Fathers provided for us in Article V the perfect formula to remedy errors discovered in the normal conduct of government, without interference from Congress, particularly in the event that the "error" involved Congress itself. Has there ever been a time in history that better fit that description?

Article V is fine, just the way the framers wrote it … all we need are state representatives who possess the wisdom and the courage to use it.

Michael Alexander

Strawberry, Arizona