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The Founders' Christmas gift

Merry Christmas from the Convention of States Project! We hope today brings joy and peace to you and your family as you celebrate this holiday season.

But if you're like many Americans, the joy of Christmas is tinged with uncertainty about the future of our country. As instability grows around the world, the United States government is mired in corruption, overreach, and debt. Federal agencies steal liberties from the people, and federal mandates steal independence from the states.

The picture is bleak, and we can't rely on our federal officials to do anything about it.

That's why the Founders left us a gift. It's in Article V of the Constitution, and it describes a method by which the people -- acting through their state legislatures -- can stop federal overreach, force Congress to balance the budget, and limit the power of the Supreme Court to legislate from the bench.

Imagine a country with no national debt, limited federal regulations, a small federal government, and a people with the power to govern themselves. We have the power to make all of these things a reality, and Washington, D.C., can't do anything about it -- the Founders made sure of that.

If you want to help us take advantage of the Founders' gift, we encourage you to consider signing up to be a District Captain! District Captains play a vital role on their state teams, and we're always looking to work with dedicated, talented patriots like you.

Click here to apply to become a District Captain.