As a recent college graduate I often ask myself what it means to be an American citizen. Especially on a day like today, when we are celebrating our veterans and their contribution the United States. How are we contributing?

The Millennial Generation is the largest generation in American history. But so often we are told we lack the work ethic of our grandparents, and the rebellious passion for change of our moms and dads. I hear my generation described as apathetic, lazy, techno, entitled and so on. I want to prove I can be more than these generational stereotypes. Don’t you?

The Convention of States (COS) Project is a perfect place to devote your time to making a better America. It’s more than just casting a vote on Election Day; it’s about fighting for the rights of the people all year round. At COS we have decided to stop letting the federal government make our decisions for us. After all, we are the generation who will reap the “benefits” from the decisions made in Congress today. But we are also the generation in a prime position to make our own decisions for the United States we want to build in the future.  

At COS we need passion and commitment. We need young minds eager to make their country a better place. If we are going to succeed, we need the help of the largest generation in the history of the United States. We need your help.

Our grandparents carried this country through two World Wars. Our parents brought us through racism, Vietnam, Korea, and they changed America forever. What have we done? Or maybe I should ask, “What will we do?”

Join the COS Project Team today and make a difference your parents and grandparents will be proud of.

(Anne recently joined the COS Project as our Administrative Assistant. Look for more of her posts soon!)

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Jordan Sillars