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Texans: How'd the Senate do?

As we are in the final hours of respectfully asking the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee to hear HJR 77, we are asking you, the Texas grassroots -- how'd the Senate do? You can go here to read the press release that we put out this morning all over Texas.


After more than 250,000 Texans actively engaged with us in the past week -- and 21,000+ emails in the past 72 hours -- Convention of States Project activists' emails, calls, and meetings in the Senate fell on deaf ears.

The truth is that we heard from various Senate offices prior to HJR 77 passing in the House that they wouldn't schedule meetings with Convention of States constituents "until the House passed the bill." So, we accomplished that. CRICKETS!

Constituents and COS Texas leadership were snubbed. Even with an active Senate bill, many times we couldn't secure a meeting with a legislative director. Instead, we were directed by a college intern to send an email requesting a meeting.

Here we are at the final home stretch of the 84th Texas Legislative Session--while our nation hangs in the balance of protecting Constitutional self-governance or becoming a nation that once revered liberty, so-called "conservative" Texas Senators didn't have the grit to vote in favor of HJR 77.

At the very least, they could have passed it through the State Affairs Committee and allowed it get to the floor where Senators could have debated the concept of Article V and the Constitution. Who knew the Constitution was so “radical”? Freedom is always radical for societies that begin to bend to a more socialist and corrupt direction.

As we all watched the Memorial Day mini-series, "Texas Rising" about the Lone Star State's heroic and epic rise to independence, we have witnessed state Senators hiding in their offices and being MIA for committee hearings because they are AFRAID to cast their vote. Well, their fear has cast their vote: SENATORS CRAIG ESTES, TROY FRASER AND JANE NELSON have officially voted against Constitutional self-governance.

Thank goodness that Texas had Sam Houston and others who had the fires of liberty burning in their hearts and the passion for independence and self-governance that has given us this incredible state.

THANK YOU Texans who have stepped up and called, emailed, walked and more for HJR 77 and Constitutional self-governance. YOU ARE THE REAL HEROES. We will push until the last gavel slams down for HJR 77. And once it does, we will begin to tally the votes from the 84th Legislative Session and evaluate the representatives and the playing field to determine our next direction on the pathway toward smaller government and greater citizenship.