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Our team was in a place we talk about a great deal, but almost never in a positive light: Washington, D.C.  Read what the Washington Post’s Niraj Chokshi wrote about the event, in an article that mentions Citizens for Self-Governance, the Convention of States Project, Micahel Farris, and Mark Meckler:

“It probably wasn’t far from what liberals might expect. Inside the hotel ballroom, lawmakers and others dined while notable conservatives such as Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson railed against the federal government.”

“In pursuit of its goals, ALEC plans to partner with like-minded organizations. “We can’t go this alone,” [ALEC chairwoman, Rep. Linda Upmeyer] said. And that was evident in the first workshop of the four-day conference, a panel focused on a plan to call a convention of states under the Constitution to limit the powers of the federal government, developed by a group called Citizens for Self-Governance. CSG is led by Meckler. He was joined by CSG senior fellow and constitutional lawyer Michael Farris, CSG legal analyst Robert Kelly and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who supports the effort.

“While ALEC is unaffiliated with the convention effort, which requires two-thirds of states to sign on,  Meierling said certain members are interested in the issue. The panel, titled “The Solution — A Convention of States to Restrain the Power, Scope and Jurisdiction of the Federal Government,” was the first of nine scheduled over the course of ALEC’s States & Nation policy convention, which also includes a number of restricted-access meetings of its nine task forces.

“The convention of states group hopes to exploit the public’s ever-eroding trust in the federal government for its cause.”

You can read the full article here.

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