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States must take control of country’s direction

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Montana State Senator Roger Webb. Senator Webb will join Professor Rob Natelson and Mark Meckler at the Montana State Capitol Symposium on Tuesday, January 27. Click here for more information on this exciting event.

The Constitution of these United States has long stood the test of time, serving for more than 200 years as the foundation of the rule of law of our county. Since this document was ratified in 1789, the Constitution has only been amended 27 times, proving that the framework installed by our Founding Fathers can endure the test of time like no other republic in history.

Yet, for all of the strengths of our founding document, there comes a time when changes must be made to allow us as a society to address the challenges of our age.

With the federal government near bankruptcy, growing in size and scope that is in violation of our 10th Amendment rights and preventing our great state from growing economically by responsibly developing our natural resources, the state of Montana now finds itself in a position where we must call for a constitutional convention to amend our founding document in such a way that restores a constitutional order and system that promotes liberty and our economic well being.

Failure to alter our constitution to more properly reign in the power of the federal government in the 21st century will lead to an American government, society and economy that is unfit for the new challenges of the 21st century.

The Founders understood that future changes to the Constitution might be necessary if the laws of our nation are to reflect the contemporary needs of society. They provided several means of amending the Constitution, including a provision in Article V of the Constitution that allows Constitutional amendment through a convention of the states. This tool was only to be used in time of dire need, when no other path forward can be found. We now face such a dilemma, and with so much at stake, we have no other choice but the change our founding document.

Click here to read Senator Webb's full article.