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Great news! South Carolina joins Virginia today as they pre-file an application for a Convention of States.  Other states plan to follow their lead, including Florida later this week.

The primary sponsor of the legislation, Rep. Bill Taylor (R-Aiken), said,

“It’s no secret that Americans aren’t happy with Washington, D.C.  Career politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, have ignored the best interests of this country, allowing debt to spiral out of control while stripping States of their rightful power and robbing citizens of their personal liberty.  This isn’t new; it’s been happening for decades.  Washington will never limit its own power.  They’ll never pass amendments to balance the budget, put term limits on themselves or give the states their rightful Constitutional authority.”

Bob Menges, who teaches Constitutional Law and is known for speaking on the need for a return to limited government under the Constitution, is the State Director for the Convention of States (COS) Project in South Carolina.

“When the framers agreed on September 15th, 1787 to add a provision in Article V for the states to amend the Constitution, they in effect were telegraphing a message to us in 2013, a message to us showing us the way back inside the fence of the Constitution, a way back to what Thomas Jefferson called the “’chains of the Constitution,’” said Menges.

“Legislators must know that our grassroots team will have their backs if they support a Convention of States.  This network of like-minded people will show strong grassroots support and guarantee the success of the COS Project Article V initiative.”  He added, “We are recruiting District Captains in all 124 legislative districts in South Carolina and we welcome those who are willing to work to restrain an out of control federal government.”   Menges can be contacted via email at

In conclusion, Rep. Taylor explained, “This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue – this is an American issue and all sides should join together to course-correct a federal government that has way overstepped its bounds.  The Convention of States is the safest, most legitimate, lawful and most effective means to solve the problems in Washington.  The Constitution is a brilliant document, and it’s high time we use it as the Founders intended.”

Want to help the effort to pre-file in your state?  Create your profile in the Action Center and contact your state leaders today!

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