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“My desire is not only to influence America in the present, but to ensure that those positive changes will last. I do not want it to be said that my generation allowed America to descend into obscurity.”

This commitment may be more important than you realize.

Consider this report by the Heritage Foundation. According to the study, federal spending will grow 69 percent by 2023: “The nation’s long-term spending trajectory remains on a fiscal collision course. Washington must stop kicking the can down the road, or we could soon find ourselves teetering on the edge of a Greece-style meltdown.”

Consider also this op-ed declaring the “Rise and Fall of the American Empire.” While the author’s argument is debatable, no one can deny the potential decline of America as the world’s #1 superpower.

Finally, combine these things with the rampant apathy demonstrated by many in the infamous “Millennial Generation.” The young people of today will be responsible for leading this country through the fiscal maze of tomorrow. I don’t want to overstate the problem, but, as a member of the Millennial Generation, this strikes me as a recipe for disaster.

Fortunately, there is still cause to hope.

Meet Sophie Linde, the newest member of the COS Project Team and author of the statement that began this post. Sophie hails from the great state of Minnesota. She graduated from Patrick Henry College in 2013 with her B.A. in Government. She’s interned on Capitol Hill for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and worked on multiple campaigns through Generation Joshua. She will join Laura Fennig as our second Grassroots Coordinator.

Sophie signed up with the COS Project because she’s concerned with the direction this country is headed. “The decisions made by our government will set a precedent that cannot be easily undone. Our country was founded on the idea that the citizens of America know best, and the Convention of States project will help give a voice back to the people,” she said.

Unlike many young Americans, Sophie truly cares about the country she calls home. Far from being apathetic, she’s proactively sought the best solution to the problems that plague the United States. If there are more Americans like her (and there are), we have cause to hope indeed.

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