It’s no secret–Washington, D.C., is out of control. To make matters worse, our elected leaders in the capital refuse to limit their own power.

Fortunately, the Founders knew this might, so they included in the Constitution a means by which the people–acting through their state legislatures–can limit the federal government’s power without the federal government’s approval. (For more info, check out the Learn tab.)

By signing the Convention of States petition, you’re letting your state representatives know you want to use the tools the Founders gave us to limit D.C.’s power and restore a balance of power between the federal and state governments. It’s not too late to fix the problems we see in our country! Sign the petition today.

Sign the Petition


From Independence Day on July 4 to Constitution Day on September 17, we’re asking patriots across the country to collect petition signatures in support of the Convention of States Project. Our goal is to collect 75,000 petitions nationwide, and we know we can do it with your help!

Your state leadership will use these petitions to show your representatives how many of their constituents support a Convention of States. This is why it’s crucial to collect as many petitions as possible before the Convention of States application is filed in your state next year.

You can send the petition to your friends by sharing this link:

You can also print hard-copy petitions and bring them to your Fourth of July celebrations. Click here to download a .zip file with the petition and instructions.

About The Author

Laura Fennig

Laura Fennig is the Western Grassroots Director for The Convention of States Project. Before joining the COS team, she interned with one of the largest conservative think tanks in Washington, D.C. While in college, her writings on economics and international development were published in the International Social Affairs Journal, and the MyHeritage blog. Laura graduated from Patrick Henry College with her B.A. in Government, receiving the Beverly Lahaye Award for Leadership in her graduating class.