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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions about Article V and a Convention of States. You can access a printable version of the FAQs page here.

Answers to Questions Posed by the John Birch Society

This article by Michael Farris directly and thoroughly responds to the 16 so-called “unanswerable” questions posed by the John Birch Society.

The States Control an Article V Convention of States

It’s undeniably clear: the checks and balances on a Convention of States ensure it will not “run away.” This article demonstrates that by responding to “The Article V Convention as Defined by Article V” by Robert Brown.

Response to Article By “Publius Huldah”

Michael Farris responds to an article by blogger “Publius Huldah.”

The 1787 Convention Did Not Run Away

This article by Michael Farris explains in detail why the 1787 Constitutional Convention did not “run away.” (For a printable version of this document, click here.)

Is “Nullification” the Answer?

If you’ve been wondering about state nullification of federal laws, you’ll want to read this document.

We Know the Rules: Congress Does Not Control a Convention of States

Years of historical precedent yield two important conclusions: the rules of a convention are not some unknowable mystery, and Congress does not control the rulemaking process for a convention. Learn more in this article.

What if Congress Refuses to Call an Article V Convention?

The law is clear: if 34 states apply, Congress must call a Convention of States. We explain the details in this document.

AUDIO: Michael Farris Debates Andy Schlafly in New Jersey

Click the link above to download the audio of the debate between Michael Farris and Andy Schlafly. If you’ve been wanting to hear both sides of the Convention of States debate, this is a great place to start.

The Congressional Research Service Report on Article V

This document explains what the Congressional Research Service report says about Article V and the actual significance it plays in the Article V process.

Article V Legislative Compendium

The Article V Compendium for Lawyers and Legislative Drafters was written by premier Article V scholar Professor Rob Natelson. It includes over 80 pages of original material as well as important and reliable scholarly articles on the laws governing amendment conventions.