Have you heard the latest election predictions? According to the New York Times, the Republicans have a great chance of winning the Senate this year. Poll results show that Republicans have a 62% chance of gaining the Senate (compared with the Democrats’ 38% chance), and the five incumbent seats most dangerous of flipping parties are all held by Democrats.

If you’re a Republican, this is great news. With conservatives in control of both the House and the Senate, we can be sure Congress will immediately place term limits on themselves, balanced the budget, and reduce the power and jurisdiction of a federal government that has grown far beyond what the Founders intended.


Of course not.

Let’s be honest. A GOP-led Congress will not solve the most pressing problem facing this country: namely, the federal government’s massive expansion of power. No matter who is in charge, Washington, D.C., will never limit itself. What Congressman would limit the number of times he can be reelected or reduce the amount of money he can bring back to his constituents?

This is why the Framers included the Convention of States option in Article V of the Constitution. They knew that states needed a way to check Washington, D.C.’s, power. Using the Convention of States process, the states can unilaterally propose and ratify amendments limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. And neither Congress, the president, nor the Supreme Court can do anything about it.

If you want to get involved, you can do two things.

1. Sign our petition! This will let your state legislator know you support your state’s use of an Article V Convention of States.

2. Join your state team. By signing up in the Action Center, you’ll become an official member of the Convention of States team in your state.

We look forward to working with you!

About The Author

Sophie Linde

Sophie graduated from Patrick Henry College in 2013 with her B.A. in Government. While in college, she interned on Capitol Hill for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and worked on multiple campaigns through Generation Joshua. She worked extensively with both the Campus Services Department and Athletics Department at Patrick Henry College. Sophie hails from Duluth, MN.