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RedMillennial Endorses Convention of States Project


The following was posted on, a political news website founded by a student at Regent University.

When the Convention of States Project first came across our radar last summer, we were immediately intrigued. Red Millennial’s Assistant Editor, Garrett Humbertson, has been covering the project on Red Millennial since the very beginning. Many have referred to his work as “the best that has been published on the topic.” His articles have been shared by various individuals, blogs, websites, and even Fox News and The Blaze.


James Madison, the fourth President of the United States and the chief writer of the Constitution called the convention process “the final resort” to combat an abusive federal government. For the past several years, President Obama has continually abused the power of his “pen and phone”” as he likes to call it, and taken federal action voiding Congress through Executive Orders. The current federal government is usurping states rights, and it’s time for us, the people, to stand up, and say “No more!”

That is why I am excited to announce Red Millennial’s formal endorsement of the Convention of States Project. We are formally acknowledging the vicious abuse of power that is taking place in Washington, DC. As Founder of and a firm believer in the modern day relevancy of the Constitution, I wholeheartedly believe that the time is ripe for a Convention of States. At no other point in our nation’s history have we been so desperate for real reform. The time to act is now.

Red Millennial is excited to be officially partnering with the Convention of States Project so that we can continue to provide you, our readers, better coverage than ever before. Keep checking for new updates on the Convention of States Project.


Julia Porterfield

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Red Millennial