Click on the links below to download a PDF of each resource.

If you would like the handbook, brochure, handout, palm card, or info cards printed professionally, we recommend contacting Horizon’s Publishing at  We’ve used Horizon’s for all our printed materials, and they do an excellent job. Simply tell them which Convention of States product you’d like to order, and they’ll provide you a quote (they already have the files).

Convention of States Handbook

Our handbook provides an excellent overview of Article V and the Convention of States Project.

Convention of States Brochure

This professionally-designed brochure is perfect for handing out at speaking engagements or large conferences.

Convention of States Handout

This one-page handout summarizes the Convention of States Project, highlights COS-related news clippings, and includes endorsements from Sarah Palin, Allen West,  Sen. Tom Coburn, Mike Huckabee, Sen. Ron Johnson, and Glenn Beck.

Convention of States Palm Card

The Convention of States palm card is shorter and more convenient to carry than the brochure but still provides the same great overview.

Convention of States Info Cards

You can distribute these info cards at fairs, conferences, or the grocery store. We’ve created two versions–a high quality version you can send to a printer and a version you can print at home.

Convention of States Overview

This one-page handout provides a great overview of the Convention of States Project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs page is another good resource to hand out at meetings and conferences.