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Palin joins push for Convention of States

Sarah Palin, toying with a presidential bid, has joined a growing effort to choke off President Obama’s plan to rule through executive order by calling a “Convention of States” to draw up amendments limiting his power.

“This idea is really the last recourse of the citizens to rein in D.C. and restore our country to a Constitutionally limited federal government,” Palin said in a new Facebook post endorsing the plan pushed by the Virginia-based group Citizens for Self Governance.

She is lending her efforts to urge legislators in Richmond to approve having Virginia join in the convention, already endorsed by over a dozen states.

“It's an amazing thing to see state legislatures from every region in the country lining up to file their convention of states applications. Soon we'll be at the halfway point, 17 states, needed to call for an Article V convention to restrain the federal government's reach and power,” said Mark Meckler with Citizens for Self Governance.

“I'm not surprised, though. When you talk to people all over the country, regardless of party or ideology, they are united in the idea that the federal government is too big, and that decision making power needs to be returned to the people. And they increasingly know that the only way to do it is through an Article V convention,” he told Secrets of his Convention of States Project.

It already has major league endorsements from former Sen. Tom Coburn and radio talk show host Mark Levin.

In focus this week will be efforts by Palin and others, backed by digital ads, to win Virginia’s support for resolutions to use Article V of the Constitution to hold a convention of states and limit Washington’s power.

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