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The Cause Advances in the Commonwealth of Virginia!

The Convention of States Resolution, sponsored in Virginia by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter, passed the Rules Committee in the Virginia House of Delegates today by a bipartisan vote of 9-6.  In a packed hearing conducted in the Speaker of the House’s Conference Room, Dr. Michael Farris presented compelling testimony which included a brief history lesson to dispel the myth that our Constitution was the illegitimate result of a “runaway convention,” and informed the Committee members of the historical precedents that provide protocol for interstate conventions.  Dr. Farris reminded the Committee that Virginia’s General Assembly issued the very first call for an Article V Convention in 1788, which it referred to as a “convention of the States,” for the purpose of adopting a Bill of Rights.

Delegate Lingamfelter’s Resolution is expected to be considered by the full House early next week (probably Tuesday), and we need your help!  Follow this link to find the contact information for your Virginia House delegate and give him or her a call.  Every call counts, so pick up your phone and make a difference!

Our success today was in large part due to a groundswell of grassroots action.  Our alerts went out Wednesday night, as soon as we learned that our Resolution was on the docket, and by Friday morning one legislative aide informed us that she had received around 150 e-mails on this one issue, overwhelmingly in support! 

Working together, we can do what is required to put our nation back on track.  It will happen when we inform our neighbors, call our legislators, and e-mail committee members.  Tonight, we extend a hearty thanks to all of the patriots in Virginia whose time and energy made this victory possible.

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