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Oklahomans and West Virginians have always had cause to be proud of their states.  Today, they can add one more accomplishment to the list.

State representatives in Oklahoma and West Virginia have officially filed the COS application in their respective state legislatures.

In West Virginia, Delegate John Overington, along with 37 additional state delegates, filed HCR 86 in the state house.

COS WV State Director Jay Taylor had this to say about the progress in his state:

“West Virginia has taken a step to help fix our broken federal government by filing for a Convention of States to limit their power.  Today we call on Speaker Tim Miley to allow a vote on this very important resolution.  West Virginian’s have a right to see where their legislators stand.  Do they stand with the people or with big government?  I encourage everyone to email Speaker Miley at tim.miley@wvhouse.gov and call him at  (304) 340-3210 to demand a vote.  We have to take a stand for our country.”

West Virginians can contact their house delegates on this page to encourage them to support HCR86.

In Oklahoma, Senator Patrick Anderson filed SJR 38 in the state senate.  The resolution will likely appear before Senate Rules Committee soon, so Oklahomans should contact their state senators today!

You can find your Oklahoma state senator on this page.

And the senate rules committee members are on this page.

We’re excited to see what will happen in these states.  We’re building momentum every day, so keep up the good work!

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