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Obama: Healthcare premiums going up for only "handful of people"

How can the American people discern the truth when the federal government changes its story on an almost daily basis? 

On one hand, the federal government estimated that midlevel Obamacare plans will increase by about 22 percent next year. The New York Times reported that

The latest estimate from the federal government is that the average midlevel Obamacare plan, the most popular choice, will cost about 22 percent more in 2017 than it did in 2016. This is based on data from 39 states where people sign up through the website and some preliminary data from four other states and the District of Columbia.

But then yesterday, while campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Florida, President Obama said costs would rise for only a "handful of people who don't get tax credits":

“Well, now it is true, premiums are going up for a handful of people who don’t get tax credits. That’s important. We’re going to work as hard as we can to do something about it,” Obama said. “We would have already done it if the Republicans had helped, but keep in mind their alternative would have been no health insurance. That’s what they had before.”

So which is it? Will premiums rise across the board or won't they? 

The truth is, they have no idea. The federal government took over the health insurance marketplace without any real idea of what the consequences would be. Now they're stuck with an unworkable plan that's making life more difficult for millions of already hard-working Americans.

This is what happens when the federal government takes control. The bureaucracy in D.C. is too large, too corrupt, and too unwieldy to handle complex issues of domestic policy. The American people are almost always better suited to control their own lives, and that's exactly what an Article V Convention of States will seek to restore.

A Convention of States has the power to propose constitutional amendments that limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. These amendments can restore the states and the people to their rightful place in the American system of government and limit the feds to only a few matters of domestic policy.

We're in this mess because the feds have been increasing their power for decades. Now is the time for the American people to re-take control of their healthcare, their lives, and their nation.