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Union postal workers illegally campaigned for Hillary

The Post Office is supposed to be politically neutral, but a recent investigation by the Office of Special Counsel discovered that union postal workers got unpaid time off to campaign for liberals.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is working to revive a program that allows the government to seize private property

Putting the “right people” in DC can’t fix the federal government or guarantee more freedom for the American people. Take for instance Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to loosen restrictions on the constitutionally dubious practice of “civil asset forfeiture.” 

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Free Training: How the American people can repeal Obamacare...without Congress

The federal government has taken over and destroyed the health care system. Obamacare was a disaster, and Congress isn’t offering any real solutions.

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Tom Coburn perfectly explains the real problem with the U.S. Congress

In this extended interview, Sen. Tom Coburn explains in detail why he wrote his new book Smashing the D.C. Monopoly and how a Convention of States can fix the mess in D.C.

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What happened to pork barrel spending? It never went away, it's just harder to find

Remember earmarks? Those special projects that members of Congress called essential to their constituents – but critics called pork?

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Mack on Politics Interview: Jim DeMint reveals how to stop wasteful federal spending

Federal spending is out of control, but Jim DeMint, former U.S. Senator and Senior Advisor to the Convention of States Project, has a few ideas about how to stop it.

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Tom Coburn: We no longer have a free enterprise system in healthcare

Dr. Tom Coburn, former U.S. Senator, appeared on One America News recently to give his unique perspective on the GOP plan to replace Obamacare.

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75% of Americans say they "lack influence" in DC

A new poll from the Associated Press has found that a full three-quarters of Americans believe they have too little influence in Washington politics.

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Conservatives are more upset with Congress than the media

The following was written by Alexi McCammond and originally published on Axios.

Grassroots conservatives, especially those who support Trump, hate the media — but they're more upset with Congress for blocking Trump from getting things done, according to a new Convention of States (COS) Action survey shared exclusively with Axios.

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A fight we share with the Founders: The battle against cronyism

Today’s Twitter-dominated politics frequently seem removed from the lofty ideals of our Founding Fathers, but Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Bernard Bailyn explains we share a common (and perhaps perpetual) battle against one stubborn problem: cronyism. His stunning book, The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution, has now been published in a Fiftieth Anniversary Edition. In it, Bailyn explains two primary lenses through which to view the politics of pre-revolutionary America: political culture and political structure. In the process, he also helps us see our own political situation in a new light.

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National grassroots survey of conservative grassroots activists say lasting change can only come with a seismic shift at the federal level

A new, nationwide survey of more than 3,200 grassroots volunteers in all 50 states released today by Convention of States (COS) Action, highlights the burgeoning frustrations of the American people. 

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Our national debt will top $20 trillion soon. Let’s hope we can solve this problem.

The following article was written by Mark Daly and originally published on the Idaho Statesman. While the author erroneously refers to an Article V Convention of States as a "constitutional convention," we still wanted to call attention to his excellent observations regarding our nation's financial state.

Like a giant time bomb ticking away in reverse, the United States national debt marches upward, with no ceiling in sight and no credible solution to slow its skyrocketing trajectory. We add $1 million to the total every 77 seconds.

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WATCH: What the Founders said about Article V

We don't have to guess what the founders of our country believed about Article V: they've told us themselves.

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Will Congress ever actually pass anything?

Last November, the American people spoke overwhelmingly in favor of the Republican agenda, giving the GOP majorities in the House and the Senate along with the White House. 

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16 Year-Old: 'Convention of States will preserve liberty for all'

Grant Carson, a 16 year-old from California, speaks of his reverence for American history and concern for the future as he testifies at a legislative hearing in favor of the Convention of States Project resolution. 

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Why is the $20 trillion national debt so bad?

The $20 trillion national debt is one of the four major abuses of the federal government that the Convention of States Project has identified.

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Term limits: Good for the people, good for politicians

The following excerpt was written by Larry Alton and originally published on The American Thinker.

Every few years, you’ll hear people discuss the idea of term limits, but the rumblings never amount to much. However, with the rise of Donald Trump -- a political outsider -- many on both sides of the party line are more interested than ever in sacking career politicians and introducing fresh faces to Washington.

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Elitist Congress may have a surprise coming for them: Convention of States

Mike Ruthenberg, Executive Vice President for Citizens for Self Governance, appeared on The Daily Ledger last week to report the latest progress for Convention of States -- and why Congress should start getting ready for a major change.

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New video from Capital Research Center brilliantly explains Convention of States process

The Capital Research Center recently published a great video explaining the ins and outs of the Article V Convention of States process. Check it out!

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Amish man sent to prison for 6 year sentence, because of FDA labeling infraction

Need another example of extreme federal overreach?  Look no further than Kentucky, where an Amish farmer got into  trouble with the federal government for his herbal remedies. According to Ricochet, the father of a dozen kids sold things:

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