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New Reuters poll: 62% believe country on "wrong track"

A new Reuters poll released Friday proved what many Americans know to be true: our country is headed in the wrong direction.

Sixty-two percent of those polled believe the United States is on the “wrong track,” while only 23 percent believe the opposite. And no wonder--the national debt is spiraling out of control, our elected leaders ignore the will of their constituents, the Supreme Court engages in unprecedented overreach, and federal bureaucracies regulate every area of our lives.

It’s time for a change, but not the one we've experienced the last eight years. This change takes us back to the principles on which our country was founded: strength, freedom, and a limited national government.

An Article V Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that address each of the problems listed above. These amendments can force Congress to balance the budget, impose term limits on federal officials, and, most importantly, shrink the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. The movement is growing all across the country. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already signed the Convention of States petition.

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