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New report finds White House lied about secret loopholes in Iran nuclear deal

The United States and its negotiating partners secretly allowed Iran to shirk some of its responsibilities under last year’s nuclear deal, according to a groundbreaking report from Reuters this morning.

Some of the exemptions allowed Iran to exceed the limitations on how much low-enriched uranium could be kept at its nuclear facilities. The uranium can be configured into weapons-grade uranium, but without the exemption some of Iran’s nuclear facilities would not have been in compliance by the deadline.

The worst part? According to the report, the White House has said previously that there were no secret loopholes made in the Iran deal. President Obama deigned to tell Congress about the exemptions, but that was only after the exemptions had been granted.

Secret negotiations happen in international politics. But it is incumbent on president, when he does reveal something, to tell the truth. The president has lied to the American people (and the people’s representatives) too many times over the last eight years. Now they’ve decided to strike at the source of the president’s power, and they’re doing it through an Article V Convention of States.

A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that actually shrink the power and jurisdiction of the executive branch. These amendments can prohibit unilateral executive orders and give the states a real, effective recourse when the president oversteps his constitutional limitations.