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New proposals by ATF, FCC to regulate ammo, internet

The regulatory leviathan in D.C. is at it again.

Earlier this week, the ATF announced a proposal to ban common ammunition used in America’s most popular rifle-- the AR-15. The White House was unable to ban the rifle through normal legislative channels, so our President is picking up his pen and his phone and switching tactics.

Then yesterday, the FCC approved its proposal to place heavy regulations on internet companies, asserting even more control over the daily lives of the American people.

These agencies are entirely unaccountable to those their laws affect -- citizens didn't vote them in and citizens can't vote them out. Yet, in contrast to what the Constitution suggests in Article I, they've claimed the power to make and enforce laws that affect what Americans are allowed to do and buy.

It's time this blatant disregard of the Constitution comes to an end, and Article V gives us a way to stop it.

Convention of States teams are working all across the country to call their state legislators to action. Article V allows the states to call a convention for the purpose of proposing constitutional amendments that limit the size and jurisdiction of the federal government. Such amendments can ensure -- once and for all -- that unaccountable federal agencies no longer have the power to create laws for the American people.

Click here to join the team in your state.