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Nationbuilder University available to all Convention of States leaders

If you're a volunteer leader with the Convention of States Project, you've likely had some questions about the new Nationbuilder program. It's a powerful grassroots organizing tool, but, like any unfamiliar technology, it has a bit of a learning curve.

That's where Nationbuilder University comes in.

Nationbuilder University is a collection of videos and documents that explains every feature of Nationbuilder you need to use and understand.

You can access the University by clicking this link or by scrolling over your name in the top right portion of your screen, clicking "Leaders Admin," then clicking the big blue button that says "Nationbuilder University."

To view a video or a document, click the bold "X" that corresponds to the content you'd like to view.

Remember: This resources is for Convention of States volunteer leaders only. If you'd like to become a leader, click here and fill out an application. We'd love to work with you!