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Nationbuilder training available for Convention of States leaders

For those unfamiliar with the program, Nationbulder is a new online tool we've made available to our state leaders to help them grow and manage their state teams.

"Our new Nationbuilder action center is a game-changer for the Convention of States Project," said Convention of States CTO Michael Tranchina. "It is a powerful grassroots organizing platform that will allow our state and local leaders to recruit and mobilize volunteers throughout the United States."

But, as with all tools, some training is required to use it effectively. 

"Because of its unique set of features, Nationbuilder has a steep learning curve," Michael continued. "We are encouraging all of our state leaders to invest the time now to get trained so that as we build massive momentum over the coming months, they are properly equipped to manage the enormous growth that we are expecting in the states."

Towards this end, Michael has begun hosting hands-on training sessions to teach state leaders -- state directors, legislative liaisons, coalitions directors, and district captains -- the ins and outs of the Nationbuilder program.

As Michael explained, it's very important you attend your designated training session. Some of the features on Nationbuilder may not be familiar to you, and we want to make sure everyone is on the same page. We promise it will be worth your time!

Click here to view the training schedule and continue to check this page as we schedule more sessions in the future. You can access the training schedule under the Get Involved tab.