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Missouri mom personifies the power of persistence

Keith, the State Director of Missouri, shared this story with his team last week. We were so inspired, we wanted everyone to hear about it.

Back in January, I told you about a Missouri mom and patriot who...
-- arranged her work schedule,
-- arranged for extended daycare and a "backup plan" for her kids,
-- awoke at 5:30 AM, and after all her morning chores,
-- drove nearly four hours to her State Capitol,
-- met with her state senator about a Convention of States,
-- met with her state representative about a Convention of States, and
-- drove the four the hours home to pick up her kids...where I'm sure her day was not over.

This story inspires me every time I read it. But it doesn't end here.

As you can see, about half way through her schedule this woman met with her state senator about a Convention of States.

I remember that meeting. I think it would be safe to say that the senator knew very little about Article V and a Convention of States and was less than interested. What comments he did make showed a reluctance to support it. His only comments were motivated by misinformation and fear.

He was cordial, but his mind seemed somewhere else. The meeting was very short, as I remember, hardly justifying this young mother's eight hours on the road and an entire day away from her kids, but she made it anyway.

The senator really wasn't very interested, but she talked to him about it anyway.
The meeting wasn't very promising, but she thanked him anyway.
His response was not very positive, but she wrote a follow-up anyway.
I'm not sure he responded, but she continued to email the senator anyway.

One meeting, a few short notes, and a call or two - how could they gain the support of a senator who's priorities seemed to be elsewhere?

Let me show you. This is that senator's Capitol Report for this week. Here's an excerpt:

There is a solution [to federal overreach]. Many may know that Congress can propose amendments to the Constitution at any time if 2/3 of both houses of Congress agree. To this point, Congress has not been able to muster the political courage to go this route and that doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. However, most Americans probably don’t know that Article V of the Constitution also allows the states themselves to call a Convention of States where they can propose amendments if 2/3 of the states submit applications for such a convention. These applications must all deal with the same issue and, then, if an amendment is ratified by 3/4 of the states, it will become law.

There is power in PERSISTENCE. There is power in KNOWLEDGE.

Yes, you can make a difference!

Yes, you are on the right side!

Now fight on!

You know she will.

And you're going to have to get up pretty early to keep up!