Your immediate action is required to keep the Convention of States application moving through the Missouri legislature.

Our application–HCR 41–will be heard by the House Rules Committee in the next few days. You can help it pass by contacting the members of the committee. Follow these three simple steps to contact every member of the committee in less than five minutes.

1. Copy and paste these email addresses into the BCC section of an email:,,,,,,,,,

2. Copy and paste the following message into the body of an email:

Dear Representative,

Please vote in favor of HCR 41 to call a Convention of States. This is the last, best chance to preserve liberty in this nation and force Congress to be fiscally responsible. The founders gave the states Article V for such a time as this—it is our duty to use it.

Your vote can bring us one step closer to ensuring the preservation of liberty in this country. Please move quickly so the House as a whole can vote on HCR 41. I want Missouri to take the lead on this important issue.


[Your Name]

3. Click send!

(You can follow up the email with a call to the committee members’ offices. Click here to find their contact information.)

Thanks for all your hard work! I look forward to giving you the good news next week.

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