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McConnell: "We have term limits. They're called elections."

Trump’s presidential victory is barely 48 hours old, and the federal government has already begun pouring cold water on any real change in Washington, D.C.

Immediately following Trump’s election, Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell stated in no uncertain terms that the Senate will not consider a term limits amendment:

“We have term limits,” Mcconnell said. “They’re called elections.”

Republicans may control the White House and Congress, but Republicans want power just as much as Democrats and they aren’t about to give it up.

But they don’t have to relinquish power voluntarily for that power to be taken away.

An Article V Convention of States can propose a term limits amendment -- among others -- without Congress’s approval. Article V of the Constitution stipulates that a “convention for proposing amendments” can be held if 34 states call for one. Under the Convention of States Project call, these amendments can mandate term limits for federal officials, impose fiscal restraints on Congress, and limit the power and jurisdiction of federal regulators.

Trump may well propose policies that limit the federal government, but in 2020 federal bureaucrats will still control the majority of the decisions D.C. makes. Our nation will still be in debt, and the Courts will still hold an unprecedented amount of power. A Convention of States provides the only solution to these structural problems, problems that one president cannot tackle alone.