American citizens are making history every day.  Here at the Convention of States Project we are proud to stand beside an incredible volunteer base,  filled with people who make sacrifices and historic choices on a regular basis.

Their stories show the dedication,  patriotism, and humility of Americans across the nation.  To help bring their experiences to life we will soon be launching a new series entitled,  “Making History… One Citizen at a Time.”  In this new series we will show how citizens just like you are making a difference in their community,  our nation,  and the world.

What does it takes to change this country?  People working together to restore freedom.  For example,  a 15 year old girl in Georgia who had the strength to testify in front of a Senate Committee.  Or a Convention of States district captain moved to tears by a committee hearing when he saw an example of America “how it is meant to be.”   Perhaps you have your own story you’d like to share.  We’d love to hear it.

We’re proud to stand with everyone working towards freedom from an abusive government.  Hopefully,  their stories will inspire you to stand with us as well.

We hope you will enjoy our new inspirational series called “Making History… One Citizen at a Time.”  If you would like to receive these stories via e-mail,  please sign up here

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Jordan Sillars