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Tired of long-shot solutions? There's more than one way to drain the D.C. swamp

Donald Trump’s refusal at last night’s debate to commit to accepting November’s election results reveals the tenuous situation in which the New York businessman finds himself.

He’s been slipping in the polls for the last several weeks, and, while it’s not too late to turn things around, he seems to be looking towards a long-shot contested election.

In that way he mirrors how many Americans feel about the state of their federal government. The situation in D.C. has been slipping for decades. The federal government continues to abuse its power while running the nation further into debt. To remedy the situation, We the People have sent wave after wave of long-shot politicians to Washington only to watch each of them fall prey to D.C.’s corrupting influence.

What if a solution existed that didn’t rely on the ever-changing opinions of Washington politicians? What if We the People had a recourse against D.C. that wasn’t such a long shot?

An Article V Convention of States provides that solution. A Convention of States is called by the states under the authority of the Constitution. It’s controlled by the states from beginning to end, and it’s purpose is to propose constitutional amendments that limit the power of the federal government. Once these amendments are proposed, they are sent to the states for ratification. The process is simple, but the potential benefits are enormous.