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Kansas Call to Action

Clearly our Founding Fathers foretold a time when the federal government would grow to become tyrannical. Read James Madison’s notes from the drafting of our Constitution and you'll hear George Mason talking about a Congress that would not be responsive to the will of the People. You will hear him discuss the need for recourse short of a bloody revolution. Article V was crafted specifically for the times we find ourselves in today! 

"… on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments…"- Article V of the United States Constitution gives the legislatures the power.  Will Kansas join in, or will we sit on the side lines? 

HCR5010 was filed on January 29th with 41 co-sponsors.  Former Sen. Coburn attended a hearing on HCR5010 on March 10th, and it passed out of the Federal State Affairs House Committee a week later.  Since that point it has not been moved forward for a vote.  The Convention of States team was granted a caucus meeting last Thursday, but our time was short in front of the House members.  We are concerned now that there are INDIVIDUALS trying to derail a vote on this application.

SCR1603 was filed on February 13th with 14 co-sponsors.  Former Sen. Coburn attended a hearing on SCR1603 also on March 10th.  We have still have not been successful in getting a vote in the Federal and State Committee Senate Committee to be able to get SCR1603 to the Senate floor.  Again, we fear there are just a few INDIVIDUALS that are attempting to derail our efforts.

It is imperative that you, as a Kansan, put a call into these individuals to first ask for their support of the Convention of States legislation, and second, demand they move forward on our legislation in their respective chambers.

HCR5010 – House Contacts SCR1603 – Senate Contacts
Speaker of the House Ray Merrick  Sen President Susan Wagle
785-296-2302    785-296-2419
Rep. Mario Goico  Sen. Ralph Ostmeyer
785 296-7663       785-296-7399