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Justice Clarence Thomas: D.C. is "broken"

Speaking at a recent Heritage Foundation event, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas told the audience that he believes the nation’s capital is “broken.”

"This city is broken in some ways," Thomas said. "At some point, we are going to have to recognize that we are destroying our institutions."

How? He cited a number of potential problems, but one stood out:

“What has [the Supreme Court] done to gain the confidence [of the American people]?" he asked. “Perhaps we should ask ourselves what we have done to not earn it or to earn it."

Justice Thomas is absolutely right. The Supreme Court has for years acted like a super legislature, superseding the will of the states and the people in an effort to push their agenda. It’s no wonder they’ve lost the confidence of the people of this nation -- the Court has done nothing but increase its own power regardless of the Founders’ original intent.

Justice Thomas isn’t alone in his questioning of the Court’s actions. Hundreds of thousands of American citizens have joined the Convention of States Project in an effort to combat precisely this problem.

An Article V Convention of States is the only mechanism outside the Supreme Court that can begin the process of reversing Court decisions. A Convention of States has the power to propose constitutional amendments that clarify and strengthen the Founders’ original intentions for the most abused portions of the Constitution. It can also propose amendments that put real checks and balances on the Supreme Court, allowing the states and the people to challenge Court decisions.