Welcome to Convention of States! We are so glad to have you onboard, and look forward to working alongside you on this project. As the federal government’s power continues to increase, its time for the American people to stand up and let their voices be heard. We will no longer stand idly by and watch our liberty slip away.


Now that you have signed up with Convention of States, we will notify you when volunteer opportunities arise in your district. Until then, you can do three things: 1. Learn more about an Article V Convention of the States by going to our website – www.ConventionofStates.com.  2. Pledge to Contact your State Representatives when future requests go out.  3. Recruit others to join – we hope to recruit over 100 supporters in each legislative district. Can you help us reach this goal?
What’s unique about this site is that a lot of what you can do will be able to be done right here! More details to follow.


Thanks for standing with us,

The Convention of States team

Follow the link to be signed up below.