Did you see the op-ed Allen Boettcher published in his local paper? If you liked Allen’s article and were inspired to write your own, then we encourage you to consider joining your state’s “local responders” team!

We’re organizing these teams in each state to ensure that we, as a nationwide grassroots organization, are prepared to issue responses to local opposition arguments.

Here are the criteria for candidates:

- Strong supporter of the Convention of States Project.
- Strong written and oral communication skills.
- Ability to be tough on issues, but gentle on people; to respond graciously.

Here is what we will be asking local responders to do:

- Monitor state/regional news to identify published opposition arguments and/or opposition events.
- Write response letters to the editor/op-ed articles (using our online response library for content ideas, if desired).
- Arrange for someone to attend local opposition events to ask good questions.
- Be prepared to write letters to the editor/op-ed articles in response to opposition meeting outcomes.
- Communicate with me about these activities as they occur.

If you meet these criteria (or know someone who does), please send me the candidate’s name and contact information so that I can begin building this team. My e-mail address is ritadunaway@selfgovern.com.

Thank you, again, for all that you are doing for the cause of liberty and self-governance.

About The Author

Rita Dunway

After graduating summa cum laude from West Virginia University in 1998 with both a B.A. in Political Science and a B.S. in Journalism, Rita attended Washington and Lee University School of Law as a Benedum Scholar. She graduated cum laude and was admitted to the Virginia State Bar in 2001. Rita then spent several years working as Staff Counsel, and ultimately Senior Staff Counsel, for The Rutherford Institute, a non-profit civil liberties organization. Her duties involved advising and assisting affiliate attorneys across the country as they challenged government actions that infringed upon individuals’ civil rights. Rita has crafted legal arguments and written briefs for all levels of the federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Rita has also been involved in public policy work at the local and state levels in Virginia for several years.