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Jeb Bush voices support for "BBA, term limits, restraints on Commerce Clause"

The Convention of States movement received yet another high-profile supporter last week as Jeb Bush voiced his support for an Article V convention to propose “term limits, a balanced budget amendment, and restraints on the Commerce Clause.”

Americans from both sides of the aisle agree that Washington is broken, Bush said, “so let’s send power back to the people and back to the states.”

Like the thousands of Americans who have joined the Convention of States Project, Gov. Bush knows that the time has never been better to call the first-ever Article V Amendments Convention.

A balanced budget amendment, a term limits amendment, and amendments that limit the power of the federal government have received support from a vast majority of the American people. State legislatures are generally controlled by limited-government politicians who are receptive to the kinds of reforms a Convention of States could propose. Numerous high-profile leaders, thinkers, and legal scholars have voiced their support, and the grassroots army is larger than ever before.

The next state legislative season is coming up, and the Convention of States Project plans to file its Article V resolution in dozens of states. The momentum is building, and state teams are ready to descend on their capitols to voice their support for the only permanent solution to the problems plaguing our nation’s capital.